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What qualities do you need to have to speculate in foreign exchange

A large U.S. forexbonusrebate forex d forexrebatesbrokerscount brokers broker boss said: "If there forexdiscountbrokers 15% of the day speculators make money, I will be very surprised" foreign exchange cashback forex only a small number of people can dog in the foreign exchange market long-term stable profits, this small number of people can be said to be the so-called masters of the foreign exchange market Only a small percentage of people can become foreign exchange experts, so what qualities do these foreign exchange experts need to have?  First of all, you have to psychologically overcome their own speculation in foreign exchange is a mutual game of zero cooperation game, part of the profit is bound to be another part of the loss as investors should never be smart, on the exchange rate at each point in time, it is the result of most people choose Secondly, to overcome the greed and fear of human nature to make money still want to earn more, lose money afraid to lose more, which is the normal emotional response This emotion will seriously interfere with your ability to judge the market independently, and greed and fear of confrontation, perhaps throughout the entire speculative foreign exchange career Finally, is to establish a set of analytical concepts and operational trading system suitable for their own now a variety of analytical tools and ideas, 18 martial arts, a lot, all kinds of proficiency is impossible, but there must be a few things they are proficient in, to adapt to the changing market Again The majority of successful people are relying on the unremitting efforts of the latter to hone out whatever they do, as long as they are willing to pay extraordinary efforts, pay extraordinary diligence, success for you, it is only a matter of time Speculation of foreign exchange experts The necessary elements are introduced here "soldiers have no permanent potential, water has no permanent shape", the market is changing all the time, these abilities are the necessary elements for us to grow into a master of speculation in foreign exchange diligent study, good at summing up, experience accumulation is also essential to speculation in foreign exchange, learning is endless, live and learn, this is the only choice to reach the international first-class level  
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