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What is the Japanese candlestick chart (Forex K-line chart) used in forex speculation

Foreign cashback forex forexrebatesbrokers a very complex study, people who speculate in foreign exchange need to underst forex discount brokers the knowledge and methods of various aspects of economics, forexdiscountbrokers forexbonusrebate technology is a person who needs to understand the knowledge of speculation in foreign exchange people do not understand foreign exchange, or foreign exchange novice, most do not understand the Japanese candlestick technology is what? Japanese candlestick chart introduction:  Simply put, candle lines are also known as K lines, Japanese candlestick chart technology is based on a series of candle lines combined into different trend patterns, through these patterns to analyze the data, and then based on the data to predict the market trend How to see the Japanese candlestick chart:  The thin line at the top of the K line is the upper shadow line, the middle square is called the entity, the following thin line for the lower shadow;   when the closing price is higher than the opening price, which is the trend of the market trend upward, the middle square with a blank or red;   at this time, the length of the upper shadow line indicates the spread between the highest price and the closing price, the length of the square represents the spread between the closing price and the opening price, and the lower shadow line represents the spread between the opening price and the lowest price  research books:   nbsp;Book Title: "Japanese Candlestick Chart Technique"  Author: Steve Nissen Publication Date: July 1, 2003 Description: This book is rich in content, with a large number of excellent examples of the Japanese candlestick chart technique to do a detailed description and analysis, the writing is smooth and fascinating, beginners can learn the relevant knowledge through this book, senior investors also You can use this book to study candlestick technology in depth with download: Japanese candlestick technology pdf Summary:  Nowadays, Japanese candlestick technology is commonly used to analyze futures, foreign exchange and other important methods, interested investors can learn this line of analysis, to predict the trend of the foreign exchange market or a great help!
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