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What is the Forex time chart How to analyze Forex time chart

How to analyze forex forex d forexrebatesbrokerscount brokers chart? Many novice investors see the pull-up stocks like very much, they cashback forex think it is the time to buy, but not all the pull-up is the time to buy, this is to the time chart technology in-depth analysis of that time chart how to see? How to divide is not the time to buy, today Xinya teacher to explain in detail although the stock trend is mostly very much different, but in this difference there are similar stocks, so at this time investors can be as a focus of attention, once a day stock time chart on the average forexdiscountbrokers line to do a strong crossover, while the broader market at the same time there is a significant shock, but the stock does not move, so this is the advent of opportunity, of course, investors at this time, but also pay attention to the stock price and volume than the situation if the volume of the day than obviously stabilized, then once the head up, there is bound to be a handful of large single through the highest price of the day, at this time is the best time for us to buy, instant high hanging a couple of cents to buy quickly, so generally will be in the day from the cost of buying, or even stop, even if the market turns bad at least the next day can be full body and retreat, not to be set, and once the market turns good, the stock will rise continuously, a short period of time will give you greater gains above is a way to look at the time trend, the next we will then a method that is: volume amplification indicates that the plate of funds began to actively enter, in the time chart volume amplification is the fundamental driving force of the stock price rise, of course, only the volume of continuous moderate amplification, the stock price The stock trend in the above chart obviously does not achieve the effect of mild amplification of the stock price to a new high, the volume of signs of amplification, this trend is the first point of purchase required by a key feature Next we will look at the strong stock time characteristics of the strong stock time line generally has the characteristics of: volume shows a regular amplification, and as the stock price goes higher and higher Amplify; stock price rise, the time line of the rise angle is steeper (as shown above); stock price rise, the rising trend is very clear; time line running very smooth, no signs of zigzag; of course, if you want to understand the price of a comprehensive strong stock time characteristics can click into these two charts are consistent with the characteristics of strong stocks time line performance, so investors in the next encounter will Can be concerned, and combined with macd indicator can help you to buy point of confirmation
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