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Sirius XM UK

Sirius XM UK is the company"s United Kingdom division. Its service offers sports, news, music, and commercial-free music. The company"s mobile app is available for 3G-enabled Rim BlackBerry smartphones. They also offer satellite radio packages. You can use the Sirius XM mobile app to listen to music, talk, or sports, or stream the channels through a browser.

Sirius was the first commercially-available satellite radio service. The company had exclusive rights to the NCAA Division I men"s basketball tournament and major college sports, such as the Southeastern Conference, the Big Ten, and the University of Notre Dame. Until November 12, 2008, these games were broadcast on Sirius. However, on November 12, they switched to XM. In addition, the company had exclusive rights to NBA, CFL, and NASCAR games.

XM uses six carriers to decode its signal. Two of the carrier signals are 2 MHz, while the other two are 4 MHz. Each carrier has its own Electronic Serial Number, which is unique to the receiver. This allows XM to economize on its receiver complexity.

The receiver is a portable device. The Sirius Stiletto 100 has a built-in tuner, 2 gigabyte memory, and Wi-Fi technology. There are partnerships with Napster and Yahoo Music, and it offers users 30-hours of life on a single charge.

Sirius Canada was launched in December 2005. The service includes CBC Radio One and CBC Radio Three, and five Canadian-produced stations. They added Howard Stern"s Channel 100 in 2006. On December 4, 2006, the service began broadcasting the Fox News Channel"s audio simulcast, and on January 2, 2007, it introduced Patriot Talk channel 125.

Sirius" first receiver was sold through Chrysler OEM factory units. A Chrysler Towns XM model and a Bentley car came with Sirius as standard equipment. Subaru, Porsche, and Ki Motors all have contracts with the company. Another manufacturer, Volkswagen, offers Sirius on its RNS-510 radio.

The company has a presence on Twitter and Facebook. The service was involved in several high-profile class action lawsuits. Some of these involve the company"s use of geo-blocking. Geo-blocking limits access to online services based on where you are. For example, the service has applied for repeaters in Alaska and Hawaii.

If you want to watch movies, TV shows, or listen to music on the go, you can subscribe to Sirius" Backseat TV. This service offers streaming video from three family channels, including Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network Mobile. It costs US$6.99 per month.

Sirius also offers radio packages and home entertainment systems. Sirius Satellite Radio has over 200 digital channels. An adapter for a conventional car radio is available to receive the Sirius signal. Several new vehicles, including Rolls-Royce, Toyota, and Subaru, have Sirius as an option. To learn more about the Sirius service, visit the Sirius website.

SiriusXM has become the most popular radio service in the world. It offers commercial-free music, live play-by-play sports, and the biggest talk. Whether you are at home or on the road, SiriusXM gives you the hottest entertainment.

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