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To succeed you need to eliminate the fear that comes with losing a trade!

If you want to su forexrebatesbrokersvive in the forexbonusrebate market for a long time, then your trading must forexdiscountbrokers losing forex discount brokers winning Although this is a cliché but I still say cashback forex failure is part of success and the two are inseparable, if you dont learn how to lose properly, then you wont know how to make money properly either But for many people, every trade is still accompanied by great fear because they are afraid of losing they do not know that in a series of trades, even if there are failed trades, but overall they will still be profitable, their fear stems from taking too large a trading position, which can bring a special risk of trading it is normal to worry, but there needs to be a change of focus/ it is a normal emotion to worry about losing money, and everyone should protect the results of their efforts but in trading, this emotion can be over magnified, which can lead to negative effects In the process of trading, you just need to do a good job of controlling your trades, through stops and position adjustments, more advanced traders use derivatives and hedging mechanisms These risk management tools can be a good way to help you control your trading capital, rather than "fear", you need to be confident, which needs to be developed before you enter into trading ask yourself some serious questions/ Do I really have the real knowledge and confidence to trade?  If your trading is just going with the flow, then I suggest you better not trade because without adequate reserves you will not have the confidence and that is where you will get scared Is the risk of trading too much to take?  Before entering into a trade, you must take into account your overall financial situation and then determine the amount of money you should actually and honestly be exposed to risk in any one trade You must think of yourself as a risk manager, not someone who just manages money, your trading mindset will directly affect your trading results Really understand the math behind trading? ?  The main thing here is the windfall ratio, and the overall win rate For example, out of 20 trades, you may lose at least 35% to 45% of your trades, but by setting the windfall ratio, you can still be profitable Trust your strategy/ If you follow a realistic plan, its actually more acceptable to lose Because at least you have a plan and a roadmap that your brain sees as logical, so you also feel that even losing is normal This can help you avoid interfering trades that can produce unnecessary losses Conclusion/ Lets summarize about how to overcome the fear of losing money: Mastering our price action trading strategy and trusting it that master it; manage risk according to your actual situation and set a proper risk-reward ratio; trust the trading math principles and trade well even if you only have a 40% win rate
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