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To learn to liberate themselves in the transaction

do trading, must liberate themselves from the transaction, but also from the market to liberate themselves, trading must be the more you do the more relaxed a process, if you feel more forexdiscountbrokers more tired, then you must be controlled to liberate themselves from the transaction of traders forex d forexbonusrebatecount brokers have cashback forex seen a few, many people think I stare at the market every day is dedicated, I think forexrebatesbrokers is wrong more than 95% of the stare at the plate are futile I met a few masters of internal martial arts after I went to the mountains and gave me a lot of inspiration before I figured this out, I told you before that you must look at Wang Zongyues Taijiquan theory I now spend less than an hour a day in watching the market, the plan is made and handed over to trading assistants who have been with me for several years I feel that trading is also like this, the market at the moment the eyes of a look, you should know whether you can do, if you do, the final profit and loss will be how if you can not do this, want to make money or difficult Warren Buffett said, at the poker table, if you can not find the person who is going to lose money at a glance, then you If you see the market at first glance can not clearly see where their profit and loss, then you better not bet I now like to use the word gambling I was very averse to this word a few years ago, I think this is the great game, and gambling is two different things, we have a sound theoretical basis, there is a reasonable analysis of the method, we are trading strategy, in short, very sacred and very high, even I cant allow others to describe our industry as gambling, but after so many years I found that this TM is gambling When I have this view, I feel that my trading realm has improved a lot of technical school people have a stink, that is, like the mysterious technology I used to be the same, in a wave of the market to move around high throw low suction, often more in the lowest point empty in the highest point, many people look at you as a god. This sense of accomplishment, not to mention the pity of the final count down to do their own profit is very general stockmaker memoirs inside Partridge has a sentence "you know this is a bull market" said the trend trading lifeline often a wave of the market up to make money only two kinds of people, one is a lucky fool, one is a great wisdom to play the foolish people and we This kind of think is very smart but not smart people are often with the prince of reading finally earned a lively but not to earn money
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