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Thinking about the cost of foreign exchange trading and the trading cycle

Why write it out, in fact, forex discount brokers my personal forexbonusrebate in a small reflection, I want to type, to deepen their own thinking on this collation forexrebatesbrokers memory of course will also spill a little personal single strategy … … (ordinary friends may be able to resonate with those who are blessed, God-level will be exempt from seeing) the same platform, the same The same platform, the same spread, how to amortize the transaction cost of a consideration, throwing a brick to attract the jade … … day trading of the individual is not recommended (tired, staring at the plate for a long time, people are somewhat numb, will affect the calm judgment of the single) is important, I found forexdiscountbrokers day trading, spread to each single transaction, the spread accounted for the ratio of profits too high simple analysis, a system success rate of 40 to 60% Between the words, theoretically speaking, are profitable, the win rate is more common to do intraday trading, the general profit of about 20 to 60 points on the run, plus the loss of single, I had a month of their own single statistics table to look at, found that the proportion of the spread is very high, the overall profit of about 300 to 500 points is considered good, the spread may be basically equal to the profit my system win rate is quite low, estimated at If you do intra-day trading, spreads are spread out, accounting for a higher proportion so that you can only enlarge the single cycle, reduce the frequency of transactions, so that the profitability of a single point is basically controlled in the range of 150 to 300 points, so that the ratio of spreads to profitability is reduced to do a long cycle of a benefit, a currency intra-day fluctuations in a range of basic If youre looking for a good deal, youll be able to find more signals to open and close positions, and some of the fluctuations in the range of 15-50 points will cause too many pseudo-signals and stop-loss operations in large cycles. Found pseudo-signals, more by virtue of the characteristics of the fluctuations easy to find a suitable opportunity to escape (in some cases, even a weak profit escape) and at this point the stop loss does play a protective role to prevent a super-long K caused by a very large floating loss again, I will be my secret spill, in general, when a real market came, is basically like a flood of unstoppable development even if the development process is volatile, but also It is obvious that a wave is higher than a wave or a wave is lower than a wave, so when you have a little profit, and find the right stop-loss position, you must ensure that there is a slight profit adjustment stop-loss level because if it is true that the market, when you have a slight profit stop-loss, or will be able to find the right re-entry opportunity (this is the benefit of large cycle than small cycle operation, small cycle of a wave development, and so you want to chase the time (I found the position awkward, as for how to find the opportunity to solve the problem themselves) generally speaking, large-cycle operation, there are profits and back and forth in the opening point near the ripping, the market is also basically ripping stage, often you can profit by virtue of this means several times, the cumulative profit is quite exciting (the details of the part will not say, in the end how much suitable for their own feel, according to personal characteristics of the single it) to say a personal I currently I have been enlightened but also do not do well in the place of low win rate, large cycle to do a single must find a reasonable profit and loss ratio of the point, less than this point try not to single, I am not always watching the plate, often see the opportunity when it is not the best point, at this time the calm approach is (find the position and so retracement, the cycle is large, small waves of retracement of many, it is easy to hang to a low stop loss under the unit location) but I always worry that the market never returns, direct single, resulting in a stop loss is too large, set a small stop loss, found that this position is not a signal reversal point resulting in losses than the planned large, reducing the proportion of profit For example, a signal told me that Europe and Japan can be empty, but the position is about 20 points lower than the best gaming point, a reasonable approach is to hang a short single, wait for a pullback, but I did not wait, direct single, resulting in the current floating loss 10 ~ 15 points hovering around plus stop-loss range, I single if failure, it is estimated to pay about 50 points of loss to say a trading large cycle of personal thinking, feel that you should diversify trading multi-currency, my capital risk control, requiring me to no floating surplus, while holding a single total maximum of 0.2 large cycle trading, the opportunity to place a single less, empty positions often take several days to wait, so try to do 4 pairs Currency pairs above, to ensure that one or two days have the opportunity to place a single The above is my little idea hope to help you although not profitable article, but also my personal serious thinking, experience talk Author: osirisagain
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