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Think EA in the era of big data

Welcome to moved to write th forex discount brokers article for the simple reason that now is the era of big forexrebatesbrokers said big data is too exaggerated, thats right, Ill do a title party well traditional statistics are based on sampl forexbonusrebateg methods, that is, because the amount of data is too large to be fully analyzed, forexdiscountbrokers the creation of A method, in most cases, up to 10% of the typical data for statistical analysis, this sampling is more or less affected by personal preferences, even the United States in real estate stock forecasts are a major deviation, they took all the data for 20 years in order to predict the future of the real estate market, the results of the study showed that housing prices will cashback forex rise, which is clearly a wrong conclusion, if they use the past 200 years of data to analyze, there will not be this conclusion Now computer technology is sufficient to calculate all the data, this is one of the characteristics of the era of big data: do not sample, to all Many experienced traders believe that their indicators are very effective to use, you know, you are just trading experience, once your method is written into the program, put into full data testing, the results is half the profit and loss, better, thirty-seven, 30% of the wrong signal is enough to make you lose your money, the next life to fight again In the past 4 years, I have received numerous indicator writing tasks, the most exaggerated is to calculate the resonance of 9 time periods, 56 currency pairs, 8 technical indicators, the client hopes to find more effective trading signals in this way, I did (because he paid), I Tell him he needs to observe 9!56!8! (each indicator and n parameters) kind of combination, the traditional way, I think he must adopt the spirit of foolishness, mobilize his son, grandson, heavy grandson, heavy grandsons son, grandson continuous to do permutations and combinations, in order to complete the collection of data, can not yet luxury talk about data analysis In the era of big data, do not be overconfident of personal experience, the Foreign exchange trading to now is only 40 years of time, even if you have 20 years of experience in the industry (because more than 20 years of work time, you are afraid that you are too old to do), but also has a few currency pairs and a few time cycles with a few indicators of experience, since we have advanced computer means, may be your experience into the full data to do a verification, and then optimize the adjustment & nbsp nbsp;I do not intend to denigrate your experience, on the contrary, I respect your experience, do not dare to belittle your existence but, you use experience to provide decision-making for trading, while I have big data analysis means; you rely on sampling and experience to calculate trading signals, while I do analysis of the full data; you rely on disk sense control single, I rely on big data analysis results control single; you manually manipulate, while manipulating 7 varieties has been powerful enough The second feature of the big data era is that: it is not necessary to know what it is, it is enough to find the correlation, do not need to know the cause and effect  forex trading is nothing but price fluctuations, no more than unilateral and oscillation, as to why it will cause unilateral, oscillation, no one can really know why, I recognize that the U.S. non-farm payrolls data the first Friday of each month can give the market a 20-minute dramatic fluctuations, but no one said clearly in the non-farm payrolls news released after the volatility of whether there is another news support, how the market will fluctuate, so we just need to understand the phenomenon is enough, without having to figure out why it is so real The era of big data is coming, in this stage of the mountain rains, we must firmly believe in the third characteristic: information technology is bound to subvert the traditional thinking, work mode Think about 10 years ago, your cell phone in addition to calling and texting, what else can you do, and now your cell phone can log into MT4 to perform order operations, which is subversion, information technology subverts your mode of operation, refreshing your If you are still obsessed with the idea that artificial is better than EA, it is really OUT, I dare say you will be out after 5 years In summary, EA brings you more than just reducing labor, the important thing is to help you verify your constant stream of new strategies and new ideas in a short period of time, which is simply impossible in the past, this technology is enough to support thinking in the order of magnitude When a brand new pattern is displayed in front of us, we need this sensitivity, because this is an opportunity to have more innovation in the future, to take the leading position in the future, and this is just beginning, just sprouting Before the opportunity, everyone is equal, do not hesitate, wander or even question because you do not know how to trade, or because you do not know how to automate programming, because Few of the traders understand information technology, at the same time, the programmer who can skillfully prepare EA is also very rare, hurry up and take positive action, the next successful person is you! 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