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The trick to grasp the trend of trading

Many forexbonusrebatevestors often say to do forex d forexrebatesbrokerscount brokers trading, to follow the trend, but in practice, but often fail to do a. Several trends in the foreign exchange cashback forex trends can be divided into nascent trends, sustained trends, the end of the trend investors for these three types of trends should be different operating practices for the nascent trend, the intention is to grasp, forexdiscountbrokers analyze whether the trend can be sustained for the sustained trend, to focus on their The patience of the position for the end of the trend, on the basis of the first two steps, the market fundamentals, technical aspects, the capital side have a more thorough understanding, and pay attention to the market panic when closing positions, close positions and exit two, grasp the trend of anger investors for the trend to run to know how to march, the trend is completed after the consolidation or rapid reversal, these are the things that investors want to figure out maybe some people will Say, I know the trend will operate, but the key is not clear ah I think, in doing foreign exchange transactions to have a childs heart, that is, the heart of the quiet, so we will not be too much self-guessing and not really see the market This is also the true meaning of most successful foreign exchange people often say that trading to strive for simplicity, what is the market is what, as this years cotton and sugar downtrend, how simple, how clear! Most of the time homeopathic entry short will be able to make money, which is much safer and more secure than the bottom three, homeopathy can sometimes hurt, to grasp the timing of the point to pay attention to the control of the timing of opening positions, can not be anxious, to wait for the trend of trading, natural medium and long term I know a few do a good job of investors, character are calm and peaceful fixed, life is also extremely regular rate, do things without impulse four, perception of the market pace of the foreign exchange market of more than a dozen Foreign exchange varieties, the laws of operation both similarities and differences investors to understand the character of different varieties of trend running over a period of time, is as fast as the wind, or the wind and rain such as the current PTA is a trend oscillation down, intra-day repeated, we must control the position, keep a good eye on the disk for the strong linkage varieties, but also to observe the operation of foreign, such as the recent Shanghai copper, domestic and foreign markets a comparison, certainly Is a short-term downward trend and Zheng cotton, for example, is a chronic big bear five, measuring the stability of a variety of trends within a certain period of time in the foreign exchange market operation process, before the trend can be divided into the beginning, continued, the end stage but in the process of the various stages of the trend turn, to experience and master its laws in the trading process to follow the general trend, that is, to understand the current trend of participation in which kind, try not to Participate in the trend shift process oscillation in trend while associated with the foreign market and the foreign market has not gone well in all the signals that can be involved, not only to carry out the risk-reward ratio statistics, but also to analyze the stability of the trend I believe that, compared with the trend of fluctuations, more attention should be paid to the stability of the trend of this years Zheng cotton market, the trend is stable, the short-term range is small, but the short profit opportunity is greater in the trend Trading process, do not participate in the rebound and retracement transactions, especially in other varieties have a trend market in trading a variety, to refer to its associated varieties, especially when the trend divergence is serious, to avoid the risk of trading process, to be simple and straightforward, the direct application of their own analytical principles, leaving aside all conjecture, all based on the plate in front of a trend brought about by long-term fundamental factors Investors should first look for opportunities to trade with the trend, while even if there is a slight technical counter-trend, can only be seen as an adjustment to the current trend if the fundamentals have better reasons to support the market adjustment, then after the loss of momentum in the fundamentals, the trend back to the previous possibility is very high, must always pay attention to the trend may end the adjustment signal if the fundamentals can not find a reasonable explanation for the current trend adjustment, then First of all, it is considered a technical adjustment, then we must take measures according to the theory of technical analysis
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