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How to Add a Radio to My XM Account

SiriusXM is a satellite based music service that has over 300 channels, including over 100 ad-free Xtra channels. It is also the first to feature On Demand streaming content. You can stream this content through a variety of devices, including Chromecast enabled TVs and Google Home. However, it is easier to access the service using a mobile app.

Depending on where you live, there are a variety of SiriusXM subscription options to choose from. For the most part, the service is available in almost any factory car radio. In fact, it is native to the majority of new audio systems sold over the past 20 years. While the service does not offer as many channels as rivals like Pandora and Apple Music, it still has a lot to offer. Whether you"re looking for the best music on the road or just the most entertaining talk shows, SiriusXM has you covered.

SiriusXM offers a three month trial period on select Nissan vehicles. The trial has some impressive perks, such as improved channel navigation, ad-free entertainment, and a hefty amount of news and sports coverage. During the trial, you can also download a SiriusXM app. This allows you to control the radio and listen to SiriusXM through a smartphone or tablet. Once you"ve completed your trial, it"s time to sign up for a full-on subscription.

If you"re a devoted radio geek, then you might have already figured out that SiriusXM has more than 300 channels. These range from live sporting events to talk radio. With your new subscription, you can tune into over 150 of these channels in your vehicle. Adding a SiriusXM subscription is a relatively easy process.

It"s important to note that if you are only interested in the music and news coverage, then the SiriusXM all-access subscription might not be for you. But if you are more of a sports fan, then the service can give you everything from NFL and MLB to NFL Football and NHL hockey. Plus, you can even add the service to an Amazon device and add it to your smart TV.

A SiriusXM subscription may be more expensive than free local radio, but you"ll also get more for your money. The service comes with a ton of perks, including the most comprehensive coverage of the United States and Canada. That"s not to mention a large library of exclusive content. From a full list of NFL games to a list of the top songs of the past 25 years, you"ll be able to listen to your favorite radio shows or listen to the latest in music and podcasts. And if you have a smart TV, you"ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows on the big screen.

Whether you"re a dedicated radio geek or you just want the newest gadgets, a SiriusXM all-access subscription is a great way to get the most out of your ride. So, go ahead and download the app and sign up for a trial today.

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