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The stock market to battle the foreign exchange market stop loss is about life and death

A shares for several days, the bull market has earned a lot of forexbonusrebatevestors have taken profits to liquidate, some waiting for a pullback, cashback forex some intend to switch to the forexrebatesbrokers forex discount brokers market recently there are many original A-share investors to consult me how to invest in foreign exchange, there are a variety of issues, from opening an account to the software interface, from risk to reward, deposit and withdrawal, what to learn and so on Many of these questions I am a simple answer, a single many questions can forexdiscountbrokers be explained clearly in a few words in fact, through Baidu search, the answer to many questions than I explain more detailed, more clear novice best to read some introductory books, here recommend two, one is Wei Qiangbins "foreign exchange trading advanced: from novice to master of the road to success", the second is Cathy Lanes "foreign exchange day trading and swing As for the difficulty of switching from the stock market to the foreign exchange market, I personally think that trading stocks, will quickly get started, as for the level of trading depends on the individual if it is purely technical, many analytical tools and stocks are not very different as for the software interface, settings, trading operations, etc., simulation for a period of time will be familiar with the risk of speculation in foreign exchange than the stock, at least relative to the A-share various issues we can search through, and Read books, consulting, simulation trading to solve here I especially emphasize one point, is the risk control I have seen speculation, 90% of people are not stop-loss, or even no stop-loss in mind this concept buy into the stock and wait for profits to close the position, if the set will stay still, waiting for the price to rise back dead in the A-share many times are successful, at most to pay the cost of time and opportunity costs only because A shares rarely have delisted Or the company directly bankruptcy liquidation, as long as not in too extreme prices to buy, no matter how much set, set how long, in most cases have the day of liberation, for example, in 2012 at a high level of 260 to buy Guizhou Maotai set, the highest share price fell more than 50%, you carry almost 3 years later today, unsettled, counting the ex-rights dividends, you also earn some small and many 2011, 2012 set If you take the mentality of speculating in stocks to speculate in foreign exchange, without stop loss, you will definitely lose all, not to mention your personal assets, even if you take all the assets of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to speculate, the result will definitely lose all foreign exchange trading exchange rate of two currencies, a currency ratio may be significantly even or significantly devalued, theoretically, a currency may suddenly become worthless The foreign exchange market daily trading volume of 5 trillion U.S. dollars, no one can fight the market, dead weight is certainly not carry if your account is 10,000 U.S. dollars, trading 1 standard lot, do more can carry 1000 points of adverse fluctuations, the market fluctuations of 1000 points is too normal someone may say, 10,000 U.S. dollars I trade 0.1 lot line, can carry 10,000 points of adverse fluctuations 10,000 points can not be carried, see the following The chart below, the British pound against the Japanese yen if you do in July 2007 248 more pounds, not stop loss, 10,000 U.S. dollars to do 0.1 will also be burst even if not burst, will also be a deep set, as for another 10 years 8 years can not be unset once you enter the foreign exchange market, do not have to carry the psychology of each transaction before you have to accurately calculate how much risk they can bear, set a good stop-loss point if the loss makes you Too painful, you should continue to play A shares, but even A shares, those who bought into China COSCO in 2007 68, and then have been dead carry people, I do not know if you have the opportunity to unwind in this life, has been set for 8 years more foreign exchange learning - the basics of introductory foreign exchange, how to speculate on foreign exchange, please visit: foreign exchange basics learning section 
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