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The secret of speculation in the secrets of the master

  Napoleons expedition to Russia, the legions of young officers too much, so to lift their spirits, improve their courage than all the other more important tactics, foresight, forex d forexbonusrebatecount brokers even strict discipl forexrebatesbrokerse are put into a secondary position the emperor (referring to Napoleon) is the view that: risk, bravery and opportunity to decide everything Clausewitz: there are The courage guided by superior intellect is the mark of a hero, and this courage is shown, cashback forex by daring to violate the nature of things and brutally violate the laws of probability, but by making quick and accurate judgments and decisions and backing them up with vigor The more the intellect and understanding are encouraged by courage, the greater their usefulness, the wider their horizons, and the more correct the conclusions they reach If theory is to advise men, then According to the nature of war, it should advise man to choose the most determined and daring actions and measures? Any commander without guts will never become a great commander in chief guiding question: everyone knows "Sun Tzus Art of War", but it happens that some people forexdiscountbrokers and some people lose when fighting a war; everyone is reading John Murphys book, everyone is using the principles inside "Principles of Professional Speculation", all will use money management, all will stop loss, but still some people win and some people lose, why, why? Why? Where is the answer? Just above the guts of having superior intelligence to do guidance … … this extremely personalized thing is the sign of the master, but also the core secret of the master agree to please raise your hand, do not agree to please also raise your hand! Kroo: Sun Tzu said: the mood of the army is the main speed, take advantage of peoples failure If you buy and sell in the market, whether you are a day trader or position (long-term behavior) trader, once you get a manipulable signal from how a timing indicator you use, then you should buy and sell on the spot, and to quickly When others are still waiting to find out why a particular market movement occurred, you should already This is a fast race, you must be brave and execute as soon as your signal instructs you to take action This is not the time to hesitate or be afraid, do not be afraid to make a mistake because your stop loss order will not cause you to suffer a great loss However, if you get a conclusive buy or sell signal from the technical analysis method you believe in, you are still afraid. Hugo: Any remarkable victory is more or less the result of daring. For a revolution, it is not enough to rely on Montesquieus premonition, Diderots propaganda, Beaumarchais expression, Condorcets deduction, Arouets preparation, Rousseaus planning, it is also necessary to have Dantons (courage) to show courage! That roar is the mother of all successes, and in order for mankind to move forward, it is necessary to send from the summit a constant teaching of encouragement of courage, of high will, of fearlessness that shines in the annals of history, and is one of the wonders of mankind The rising sun at its easterly rise is daring to break through the temptations of darkness, to advance, to endure, to persevere, to be faithful, to wrestle with fate, to amaze suffering with a calm demeanor, to offend at times the violence of injustice The peoples need for a model, and the glory of the touching lightning has moved from the torch of Prometheus to the pipe of Combrona Review: the psychological process of master trading in the above words, you take your time to taste it! Operation of the way to win generally speaking, the way to win includes: first win, all win, because of the win, the strange win, quick win, system win, the wisdom of the above seven points can do, is the complete way to win in the process of financial manipulation, is also to do the above seven wins in order to secure the victory first, to do first win first win is to do a variety of virtual preparation in advance, so as not to panic in the face of the market, the hands and feet, regardless of the big rise, big fall, the Second, to achieve full victory full victory in financial operations, is to carry out large wave manipulation, which is a very high strategic cultivation, to see the overall situation of the gains and losses, in order to give up a small on the big, to obtain a complete victory, but also do not paper a rich, so the full victory of the proportion and not easy to pinch, to make a mature judgment for the market conditions at the time, in order not to let the victory in hand and get again To do because of the win, is to win because of the changes in the market is like water, water because of the ground and system flow, soldiers because of the enemy and system victory, the market changes is a risk, but at the same time is also an opportunity, just have the opportunity to grasp it, so to do because of the win, in order to grasp the future opportunities As for the strange win, for the average person, is a more difficult challenge, the average person facing sudden unpredictable big market, regardless of If you dont know the principle of odd and positive, you tend to buy at the high point of the wave quick win is the pursuit of speed, the stock market in the short term to obtain the opportunity to make huge profits is not much, so the stock market quick win opportunity is less, but the establishment of a stable profit model, is also a If this profit model more and more skilled, profit will naturally accelerate up, do not casually change their profit model to imitate others, but also do not set in stone and get the opportunity to improve performance win is the meaning of risk control, in the pursuit of victory, to control the risk within a certain range, and is the scope of my ability to tolerate, do not affect the next opportunity. Grasp the wisdom of winning is the intelligence of the meaning of the market, a lot of news, a lot of people are too much news confused, this is a big taboo to fully grasp the news of the true and false side, in order to learn the field of economics, to do a constant winner of the above seven wins are a very high psychological cultivation, usually to constantly improve their psychological quality, in order to develop a winning mentality
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