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What SiriusXM Channels Have to Offer

SiriusXM is a popular satellite radio service that provides music and entertainment to millions of people in North America. The service is also available online and as an app. Using a SiriusXM for Business subscription will allow you to play quality music in your office without having to pay PROs. It also offers a wide variety of channels with genres ranging from rock and country to comedy and news.

The company"s Electronic Dance Music (EDM) channels offer a variety of styles. Some include dance party sounds and resident DJs. Others feature the top EDM hits from Calvin Harris and David Guetta. They also include mixes from international DJs.

One of the most interesting EDM features is the Virtual DisDance Festival. This festival brings together the best EDM artists. It"s a dream lineup for any fan of the genre. To watch the festival live, you"ll need to be on channel 51. You"ll hear performances by Datsik, Major Lazer, and more.

Whether you"re looking for the latest EDM releases, remixes, or dance hits, you"ll find it on the SiriusXM Electronic Dance Music channel. Listeners can also tune into the Armin Van Buuren and Steve Aoki channels. These two DJs have a longstanding relationship with SiriusXM. If you"re an Armin fan, you"ll want to check out his A State of Armin show.

There are other EDM channels, including Discovery, which features exclusive mixes from DJs around the world. Another is the BPM Workout channel, which offers high-energy EDM mixes. Finally, the Chillhop channel has calming instrumentals. While these channels are available, some may find the music lacking.

In addition to its electronic dance music channels, SiriusXM also offers a number of non-musical channels. For instance, there"s a channel called "Audio" that has information and traffic services. Other channels are the Discovery channel, which includes new and unsigned talent. Also, there are nine comedy channels.

SiriusXM"s licensing is similar to that of a commercial music streaming service like Pandora. It makes sure that the lyrics and content are clear. Additionally, it provides a three-month trial period to allow users to try the service. During the trial period, users can listen to the music free of charge. However, they will have to pay to access the entire SiriusXM catalogue.

Although it"s not a legal requirement for business use, it"s a good idea to get a business license before playing music in your office. Public performances require payment to the artist or composer. Fines range from several hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Despite the risks of playing music in a business, it"s possible for a small business to make money using the right licensing. It"s important to remember that a music license is separate from a radio license. When you purchase a SiriusXM for Business subscription, you"ll need to contact a performing rights organization to get permission for public performance.

As the largest ad-supported audio entertainment streaming service in the U.S., SiriusXM provides music to more than 32 million subscribers. In addition to its audio service, it also offers premium weather, traffic, and traffic services. With more than 175 music channels, you"re sure to find something for everyone on SiriusXM.

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