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The old exchange people to the new exchange people ten pieces of advice

S forexrebatesbrokersce the beginning of the try in the cashback forex forex discount brokers market, has been trying for twenty years twenty years, I as a vulnerable group in the foreign exchange market - a member of the retail investors forexdiscountbrokers you have experienced the storm in the foreign exchange market together, and with their own humble pen, recorded every part of the journey we have gone The vast sea of foreign exchange, lurking how many reefs, treacherous shoals, as a witness, here to the new exchange friends the following advice:.  A discerning: identify the trend, to analyze the fundamental motivation of the current round of bullish rise is the performance of the forexbonusrebate to enhance, or due to excess liquidity triggered by the funds to promote the world no only up but not down in the currency market, we have no reason to shake confidence in the future prospects of Chinas currency market, the current currency index has been artificially over-suppressed, the value of the depression in the highlight, stand tall to see far to conquer the future Two block: that is, to block their ears, do not The first thing you need to do is to listen to the gossip, and dont listen to the currency review to buy the currency reviewer repeatedly recommended are those few subject matter currency, the banker to buy money to yell, you people cloud to follow the wind, inadvertently acted as someone elses sedan three stable: bull trend in the currency index up and down, slow up and down, ups and downs in the face of a sharp rise and fall, the mind must be stable, dont blindly chase up and down, dont expect to find a rapid doubling of the bull currency on investment To concentrate, really can not grasp the safety of buying a low valuation foreign exchange, than deposit bank strong Four slow: driving must bear in mind a look two slow three through the selection of currency pairs also the same selection of currency pairs to look at the fundamentals of the currency, the selection of the right currency to buy when not panic, not anxious, when the pullback or the exchange index plunge to buy, so as not to hit the red light out of the intentional foreign exchange disaster Five avoid: avoid non-systematic risk, avoid the reef of danger mines do not think The foreign exchange market everywhere is bending down to pick up the gold, sometimes the old efforts to pick up is gold-plated copper scrap thus, do not touch the old bank currency, currency problems, loss currency, warning currency, cap Phi Star currency, delisting edge currency in case of unfortunate investment mistakes, stepping on the landmine, should be a rebound to reduce pounds or liquidate positions, stop loss to avoid risk Six short: uptrend, but also avoid full operation, to seize every retracement opportunity to do Short difference, playing guerrilla warfare to buy the foreign exchange held in the hands of the rebound in the same day to sell, not only not to lose the chips held in the medium and long term, but also to win the short term difference in the hands of the zombie foreign exchange does not rise, for foreign exchange that can win the market, that is, abandon the bad for the good, step on the right rhythm to have a big harvest Seven read: that is, to strengthen learning more reading to read the foreign exchange market and macroeconomics, policy and wealth, the foreign exchange market and social life, the foreign exchange market and culture, the foreign exchange market and gambling, the exchange market and family, the exchange market and corruption, the exchange market and deception, the relationship between the exchange market and various social interests only read these relationships, you can become a winner, rather than fall into the trap tailor-made for you in the early Eight Commandments: that is, to stop greed greed indicates that today there is money (Bay: ancient money for the Bay) today to earn because greed over the head, it becomes poor, others want to share your money (Bay) The Tenth Commandment of Moses in the Bible That is, the commandment greed, greed is excessive, will lose wealth Nine cover: bull market, buy a good currency pair at low prices to dare to cover, not to be shaken by the large fluctuations in the short term good currency pairs will not rise every day, only long-term investment to maximize profits cover the stock is short-term do not look at foreign exchange, forget about foreign exchange of course, can swing under that best, here is mainly no swing ability but to force for the ten sense: that is, to be grateful for foreign exchange earned, to thank ZF, to thank the continued development of the economy, thanks to market participants, thanks to the high returns of good currency, and more to thank themselves for catching up with the good times loss also do not blame the sky cursing thanks to fate, in order to feel the heaven and earth The above ten pieces of advice, is the authors lessons learned over the years condensed into, is now dedicated to new foreign exchange people friends of course, it is not a panacea for all diseases, for reference only
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