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The magic BRAR sell indicator

 The r forexbonusrebatee forex discount brokers fall of the stock cashback forex is often subject to the forexdiscountbrokersfluence of two factors, namely the external popularity effect and the internal spontaneous momentum, when the two trends tend to be consistent, then the direction of the stock price is not difficult to grasp, but this situation will change with the alternation of time and space, and even to produce the essence of the deviation, then if you want to distinguish the truth from the false. This requires us to introduce an analytical tool that can react in advance to the factors affecting stock price fluctuations, and to show the upcoming trend signal with an intuitive pattern divergence, where the said pattern divergence is also the divergence of the internal and external factors of the stock price, and the technical indicators in the BRAR is the most real and effective reflection This is a combination of popular appearance and stock price momentum In practice, we generally judge the relative short-term selling and buying points of the market based on the divergence between BR and AR, especially focusing on the selling point, so we usually call BRAR a selling indicator. In general, after a rapid rise in stock prices, the increase in profit-taking increases the risk level, and the divergence between the long and short sides is gradually revealed, but such internal market factors are difficult to reflect directly through the pattern, and even if there is a performance, it will appear to be non-committal, while the external market phenomena But when the contradiction between the two intensifies to a certain degree, the significance of the divide between BR and AR in the BRAR indicator is also the key to our application in the real world, through the difference between the two values can accurately determine the short-term stock price change signal, that is, when the BR That is, when the potential market momentum of the BR and AR indicators is about 100, the stock price in the short term means that the direction of choice is characterized in the form of the BR and AR distance began to widen, forming a very obvious form of divergence  
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