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The key to foreign exchange investment in capital management

Because of the pr cashback forexciple of leverage, small and medium-sized investors feel that foreign exchange r forexbonusrebatek is very big then you think, as small and medium-sized investors how to control the risk?  I summarize the following four points, investors should pay attention to: First, it is to learn to control the forexdiscountbrokers Generally speaking, investors involved in stocks, once you see, will be full positions in, but this is a unilateral market and the foreign exchange market belongs to the bilateral market, forex discount brokers do long can also do short, very taboo full positions which belong to the capital management problem I personally believe that in the principal invested in the foreign exchange market, the position used can not exceed In this way, regardless of fundamental changes, or temporary shocks, funds can have a margin of maneuver, will not be shocked out of the game, to fight a certain floating losses Second, is the need to choose a good professional institutions due to the lack of professional knowledge of small and medium-sized investors, so the choice of suitable professional institutions is very important and deeper qualifications, strong R & D capabilities, a certain degree of analysis and research capabilities of professional The agency can give professional advice to investors this skill belongs to the borrowed brain Third, in the foreign exchange market, the larger the capital the easier it is to survive, while the small capital difficulties are large so small capital more to learn the risk of segmentation For example, you are not sure to do long-term investment, in the absence of understanding, lack of in-depth knowledge of the situation, you can do short-term behavior for the species because the foreign exchange market belongs to the T + 0, can be a good way to avoid long-term risks Finally, small and medium-sized investors need to know that technical analysis is very suitable for international currencies are not affected by individual events, so careful study of K-line charts can avoid a lot of operational risks In summary, in these four articles, capital control is the most important because the other points, such as species research, technical analysis, etc. can be through a more reputable professional foreign exchange company To provide reference advice, provide information, investors can refer to the information given by the foreign exchange company plus their own judgment to complete the investment The reason why capital control is considered the most important, because capital control can only be completed by the investor himself, which is the most basic thing to ensure their long-term survival in the market
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