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The importance of stop-loss

Stop-loss: forexbonusrebate foreign exchange forexdiscountbrokers, the establ forex discount brokershment of stop-loss is very important timely and correctly set stop-loss, is an important means to effectively prevent the risk of trading everything in advance, not in advance, the principle of capital management has an important position in foreign exchange trading, excellent diplomatic investors, not only in how to analyze the cashback forex, more importantly, in how to manage the money Stop-loss is a learned Stop-loss is not Cut, cut is a passive, the practice of last resort in the foreign exchange market, as long as the participation in the investment market, it is necessary to have the concept of stop-loss, stop-loss awareness, stop-loss methods, stop-loss means, there is the implementation of stop-loss guarantee And about the importance of stop-loss, professionals often use the crocodile law to illustrate the original meaning of the crocodile law is: assume that a crocodile bite your foot, if you try to break free your foot with your hands, the crocodile So, in case the crocodile bites your foot, your only choice is to sacrifice a foot in the currency market, the crocodile law is: when you find yourself trading away from the direction of the market, you must stop immediately, without any delay, without any fluke crocodiles eat people sounds too cruel, but the currency market is actually a cruel place, every day people are swallowed by it Stop loss is an important means to protect yourself in foreign exchange trading, like the brakes in a car, encounter unexpected situations good at braking, in order to ensure the safety of the ultimate purpose of stop loss is to save strength, improve capital utilization and efficiency, to avoid small mistakes into big mistakes, or even lead to total destruction Stop loss can not avoid risk, but can avoid being a greater risk of accidents Stop loss is a natural human in the trading process The uncertainty of the market has created the necessity and importance of the existence of stop-loss successful investors may have their own different ways of trading, but stop-loss is an important means of effective prevention of trading risks, is to protect their common characteristics of success World investment guru Soros said, investment itself is not risky, out-of-control investment is risky stop-loss is far more important than profit Important, because at all times the preservation of capital is the first, profit is the second, the establishment of a reasonable stop-loss principle is quite effective, the core of the principle of prudent stop-loss is not to let losses continue to expand
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