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The foreign exchange market trend analysis method

forexd cashback forexcountbrokersternational forexrebatesbrokers forexbonusrebate forex discount brokers is now the daily trading volume of about 20000 billion U.S. dollars, known as the worlds first market investment foreign exchange market is the essence of investment in a countrys economy, therefore, the international foreign exchange market is also the worlds most fair, just and open investment market with Chinas accession to the WTO, and gradually with the world financial markets, investment in the international foreign exchange market has been the general trend  The international foreign exchange market foreign exchange price fluctuations of roughly 100 points to 200 points per day, the maximum sometimes up to 500 points to 700 points per year fluctuations will also be roughly 1200 points to 2500 points in the foreign exchange market exchange rate regular ups and downs illustrates the two main characteristics of the foreign exchange market: first, the risk is very large; second, the possibility of huge profits in the foreign exchange market investment due to the existence of Now the foreign exchange market speculative component is large, from the actual fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, the foreign exchange market in the long term is only an information efficient market, can be through the exchange rate policy, balance of payments level, macroeconomic indicators and political orientation, etc., to determine the relationship between supply and demand, so as to determine the trend of the foreign exchange market but in the short term, the fluctuations in foreign exchange prices can not fully reflect the market in a certain period of time appeared All information, resulting in the actual price of foreign exchange often excessively deviated from the equilibrium price speculative component is too large, so that foreign exchange prices are overly distorted, judged more complex than long-term fluctuations on the short-term foreign exchange market impact mainly economic news, interest rate adjustments, edge of politics, unexpected events, market expectations psychological, investor will, etc., in addition, the government also often in the foreign exchange market is unusually sharp fluctuations, direct intervention Foreign exchange market, which also affects the foreign exchange market short-term trend of important factors But, with a very accurate market trend judgment, with a full understanding of the rules of the foreign exchange market, want to become a successful professional foreign exchange investors, is not an easy task, which in the market speculative components are obviously too large, the change is more deceptive today, you have to work hard and have the understanding, and become a strict self-control of In fact, we can also describe this market: a large group of people of equal intelligence, facing roughly the same market information, using roughly the same analysis and forecasting techniques, following the accepted rules of trading, a zero-sum game, the result is that some people are happy and some people are worried about the success of this market, must be a firm position, and in accordance with the plan of strict order of people If you are in this market has not been successful, please a If you have not yet obtained success in this market, please come together to analyze the underlying causes: 1, do not blindly follow like to follow the majority of people jump into the market with the same view, the so-called follow the crowd in essence, this market really make money only 20% of the people 2, to follow the trend when the market rises or falls to a certain extent, not from the market itself inherent trend law, and self-assumptions, always think it is almost, counter-trend 3, patience is also an investment is not every day need to enter the market, successful investors should learn to wait for opportunities, patience, is a key to success or failure of many investors, lack of a patience, premature buying or selling, so incur unnecessary losses 4, set a stop loss position foreign exchange market risk is quite high, in order to avoid losses in case of investment mistakes, should set a stop loss Disc, so we can limit the further expansion of losses, leaving the green hills in, not afraid of no firewood 5, the amount of capital control taboo excess order capital, each order is recommended in the total amount of capital of less than 10%, the direction is clear and profitable, and then gradually increase positions, strongly stop adding positions in the loss orders The foreign exchange market is no expert, only winners and losers to maintain a normal mind, on the basis of a full understanding of the market Firm in their own judgment, strictly abide by the rules of the traffic, the operation of the combination of long and short term, I believe that you can definitely make more money less loss
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