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The foreign exchange investment money making method skills guide

forex d cashback forexcount brokers forexbonusrebate marg forexrebatesbrokers trading higher returns, risk is also higher, currently more than 80% of the foreign exchange margin trading investors are bloodless novice best not to get involved in foreign exchange margin trading margin trading for those who know the foreign exchange market forexdiscountbrokers know position control investors operating margin trading in the domestic is not a mature investment method, it is best not to The actual method of making money from foreign exchange investment is in the end what are the techniques? At present, for some people, foreign exchange investment has been a common thing State Administration of Foreign Exchange has issued a notice, the abolition of the current account foreign exchange account prior approval and raise the current account foreign exchange limit, simplify the service trade sales and payment vouchers and relax the audit authority, relax the domestic resident individual purchase policy to implement the annual total management of three new adjustments to the current project, the specific adjustment in foreign exchange management policy, the most make The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) has made adjustments to the foreign exchange management policy for current items, and the foreign exchange that can be purchased by domestic resident individuals is adjusted to $20,000 per year. In accordance with the State Administration of Foreign Exchange regulations issued last year, foreign exchange purchases by domestic resident individuals for outbound travel and other reasons are allowed to reach $20,000 from $8,000 to $20,000, not only a quantitative change, but also a qualitative change This time, domestic resident individuals within the annual total amount of foreign exchange purchases, with proof of their true identity and declare the purpose to the bank for processing; more than the annual total amount of foreign exchange purchases, after the bank to review the foreign exchange management provisions of the real needs of the certificate for processing the State Administration of Foreign Exchange notice also points out that domestic residents Individuals within the annual total amount of foreign exchange purchases should be handled by themselves or entrusted to their immediate family members on behalf of the immediate family members, the identity certificate of the principal and the agent, proof of kinship and the power of attorney of the principal This is more convenient compared to the original need to explain the reasons for leaving the country or the living expenses of foreign students, etc. It can be said that the collection of foreign exchange in the people has taken a substantial step II, foreign exchange investment wealth is profitable according to the This means that residents can purchase foreign exchange products with their own foreign exchange and also with foreign exchange purchases in RMB, no longer subject to the restriction of whether they have foreign exchange assets. The total amount of foreign exchange purchased within the year, can be deposited into their own domestic foreign exchange account or used for current account foreign exchange expenditure foreign exchange remittance out of the country, withdraw foreign currency notes or carry out of the country, still according to the original foreign exchange management regulations for the previous, residents to buy foreign exchange financial products launched by various banks, you must have foreign exchange assets to achieve, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Interim Measures", within the scope of the approved foreign exchange purchase quota, the In other words, within a certain limit, residents can directly purchase foreign exchange wealth management products in RMB, and subsequently, commercial banks qualified for offshore wealth management business can use these funds to invest in financial products outside the country, which undoubtedly provides a new channel for personal wealth management according to Bank of China professionals, although In recent years, domestic commercial banks have launched a number of foreign exchange wealth management products, but is limited to individual residents to subscribe to their own foreign exchange funds, while domestic institutions and individuals hold financial assets mainly in RMB, foreign exchange wealth management products still can not meet the needs of the majority of residents to diversify their asset portfolios and diversify their investment risks The launch of the Interim Measures, precisely to make up for this deficiency, for investors to find another financial management The Feds successive interest rate hikes have made the yield on U.S. dollar deposits soaring, not to mention foreign exchange wealth management Compared to RMB wealth management products, there are relatively more varieties of foreign exchange wealth management products, and the threshold is also lower for investors, they can choose the right foreign exchange wealth management products according to their own risk appetite, but also by comparing the differences between local and foreign currency wealth management and the expected For example, the Interim Measures stipulate that after the repatriation of overseas wealth management funds, commercial banks should pay the principal and income to the investors. In this process, investors who purchase foreign exchange in RMB will be involved in a second exchange: a purchase of foreign exchange, a settlement, there is bound to be exchange rate risk, therefore, in the design of the agent overseas financial products, commercial banks should provide forward settlement and other business to hedge and manage the exchange rate risk arising from the agent overseas financial, and at the same time to indicate to investors that this risk exists III. Respond to the appreciation of flexible moves Bank of China professionals analyzed that, from the perspective of the RMB market, the pace of RMB appreciation has recently accelerated significantly for personal finance, the appreciation of the RMB will bring a dilemma in the choice of financial tools ---- in the case of RMB appreciation is still expected to be strong if the foreign currency held in the hands into RMB, although you can avoid the risk of RMB appreciation but the current RMB deposit interest rate If you buy a money market fund, the overall level of return is still low If you buy RMB financial products, the starting point is high and the liquidity is poor Therefore, at present, foreign exchange financial products are undoubtedly a better choice For people with certain investment and financial experience and more foreign currency assets in hand, you can pay attention to the relevant The current foreign currency assets in the hands of ordinary people are mostly in U.S. dollars, and the appreciation of the yuan will certainly make U.S. dollar assets depreciate, but from the current foreign exchange market, the trend of some non-U.S. currencies is still relatively strong, such as the yen, the euro, etc. Investors can pay attention to the recent trend of the foreign exchange market, to To determine how to make a multi-currency combination of investment Four, speculation in foreign exchange money-making skills about speculation in foreign exchange money-making methods, speculation in foreign exchange money-making skills here I summarize, in summary, easy to pick up money opportunities are as follows: 1, strong trend trading day: speculation in foreign exchange to make money from the opening to closing are controlled by a unilateral force of the market, the exchange rate to a direction of movement which is a wonderful opportunity to build a position in line with the trend, and at the same time Only take very little risk because the next trading day value range usually continue, can ensure that in enough time to profit exit without suffering losses (the strongest is always strong, the weakest is always weak, simple) 2, high close / low close of the balance of the city: speculation foreign exchange to make money, the day is up and down the balance of the city, but the closing high close (or low close), showing that a party has achieved a hypothetical victory then the next trading day The early trading of the next trading day will usually favor the closing end of this therefore, in line with the direction of the closing market to open a position is not a good move (win or lose has been made, why not take the opportunity to grab a short? Black enough, right? Oh) 3, breakthrough consolidation area: speculation foreign exchange to make money when maintained for a period of time when the consolidation area is broken, the currency movement will soon, very violent This is due to market participants on the value of the view has changed, the long term force is very confident to intervene and lead to this, should promptly follow the breakthrough direction into the market, enjoy the pleasure of sitting sedan (walk through, pass by, do not miss ah) 4, breakthrough failure trap: speculation foreign exchange to make money, when The exchange rate impact resistance (or support) after failure, it will usually return to the original value range with full force, the longer the time period of the impacted reference point, the wider the return, which is due to the concept of market equilibrium at this time, the need to react quickly, turn the gun to counterattack 5, to speculate on foreign exchange novice advice, if you are investing in speculative foreign exchange, it is recommended that novice investors before please pay attention to the following points, perhaps you can give you A. It is recommended to choose a well-known brand of platform and first-agent platform must be selected by the British FSA regulation or by the NFA regulation of the platform, by a regulation are that they will be very standardized very formal, your funds will be more guaranteed, more secure. If you encounter cattle blowing to the sky, it must be a black platform black company, it is recommended not to be confused, now they are very tempting conditions, but basically a lot of new exchange friends, after being boxed, are not out of a penny. These are blood money above two conditions are very important, these two aspects can determine whether you are successful in foreign exchange investment and investment risk no operating experience or experience is not rich friends, it is recommended to do more simulations, read more exchange reviews, more communication, at present, speculation foreign exchange is still considered relatively new investment and financial behavior, I personally think that the general novel financial behavior easy to make money
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