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The essential difference between large trading and small trading winning trading and losing trading

In my trading, forexdiscountbrokers general trading novice, the probability of success of a forexbonusrebate position forex discount brokers only 50%, but do a large position, the probability of winning reached 70% sometimes, do a large position how to do all win cashback forex long as you judge the current trend, medium trend and small trend, no matter how short, as long as you choose a good entry point can win & nbsp nbsp; However, the small position no matter how to do, 50% of the fate of the position can forexrebatesbrokers be avoided in the end what is the reason, in fact, is greed and fear at play  a large position of $ 50,000 and a small position of $ 500, in the transaction is the same but the results of the transaction, the feeling of the transaction, the psychology of the transaction is not the same  $ 50,000 position under 5 hands, bo short term win 10 points, that is, 500 U.S. dollars, this time, I would choose to immediately close the position, to achieve 500 U.S. dollars winnings, you can do 10 back and forth in a day, maybe 5,000 - 10,000 U.S. dollars as much as the position but, this fight may recuperate a few weeks for a day of sobriety to do a single day may produce a busy blind plate (can not judge the direction)   500 U.S. dollars under 0.05 hands, and the above 5 hand, the anti-risk point is the same, but $ 500 let me under 0.05 hands, I really can not go down 0.05 hands, win 10 points is 5 dollars, but I will not go to close the position why? Because Im used to seeing hundred dollar bills, I dont see the difference in the eyes of the small coins on this here so that the small position of $500, it is very difficult to do  The mentality of the large position is the mentality of the simulation, the mentality of the small position is the mentality of the real position because the large position of the anti-risk point is not afraid of the position, in an oscillating market, today set tomorrow will be profitable small position afraid to burst, but a little profit and will not close the position. Once the loss of a little more, immediately close the position, because the fear of bursting  how to deal with this problem, solve this problem, the general thinking of people, can think of ways to deal with
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