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The basic profit-making method of speculation

Reason for use: synchronization with the forexrebatesbrokers is always effective Goal: The basic profit-mak cashback forexg method of foreign exchange is the simplest profit-making guidelines, the correct use of this method you forexdiscountbrokers continue to make steady profits in the market Tools: MM, K-line, gap, MACD, trend line You must underst forexbonusrebate: the current forex discount brokers is higher than the highest previous K-line is a long-driven market, the current price is lower than the lowest previous K-line is a short-driven market. The current price is lower than the previous K-line is a short-driven market in addition to the second explanation can not be found MM: the average line based on the optimization of the indicators obtained in the forex basic profit method MM: B up cross Z for long quotes, B down cross Z for short quotes price and Z, B contact by the forex basic profit method as no market K line: a tool to record prices K line in the forex basic profit method: only observe the 16 K lines, the initial K line trading volume must be the same. The initial K-line trading volume must be the largest, and the subsequent price penetration of the top and bottom of the K-line are representative of the direction of the market after the breakout of the K-line need to be recalculated Gap: a blank area of the price without trading records Gap in the Forex basic profit method: price on the top for support, price on the bottom for resistance MACD: the ancient indicator MACD in the Forex basic profit method: above the zero axis line can only be long, zero axis below can only be short, around the zero axis line to exclude the possibility of operation want to learn more about MACD introductory and practical series of knowledge (click to learn more) Trend line: a tool to determine the trend of foreign exchange basic profit method in the trend line: any retreat does not break the previous low (high) price trend between the two low (high) points can be drawn a trend line, each time the market price and they are close to is bound to produce subtle changes but no matter how eventually there will only be two situations, one, blocked; two, breakthrough blocked trend will be continued, the breakthrough represents the formation of another trend or the beginning of a reversal trend Operation method: a, with MACD to establish the direction of the current operation; two, observe the historical gap; three, the initial K-line breakthrough to establish the operating point; four, MM to establish the operating point; five, the trend line to enlarge and Protect profits six, the price returns and contact MM Z, B when the stop loss, the price returns and the opposite direction of the breakthrough initial K-line stop loss Foreign exchange pass financial investment training tips: foreign exchange basic profit-making method does not emphasize any case of personal empirical emphasis, so do not give any tips outside the operating guidelines, long-term use, you will find that this is a simple and powerful set of trading guidelines, it can accurately grasp the market I believe that after using friends can appreciate the effect of using it to make a single do ten to seven, the number of successful entries is more than the number of failures, however, this is not its advantage, far from it, its advantage is a large profit and small loss, often to achieve a profit single against ten loss single effect of course, after the baptism of time and success or failure, I believe that the experience gained in the market can Help you achieve greater success, not just sustained and stable profits hope that you can find your own happiness in the foreign exchange market
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