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Steps for newcomers to learn forex trading

Every person who does forex forexbonusrebate will keep an eye on the forex discount brokers, as a way to make forex trad forexdiscountbrokersg decisions to keep an eye on the forex market is to observe the forex market, although we all look at the same price fluctuations, but each person after the forex trading behavior taken by a thous forexrebatesbrokers different, and the vast majority of forex trading ended in failure, only a few people can find a good forex market by observing the Foreign cashback forex trading opportunities and grasp foreign exchange trading opportunities foreign exchange market as a mysterious veil of treasure, countless investors want to see through the mystery of the veil and get wealth, but the volatility of the foreign exchange market fluctuations but many people not only can not see through its mystery, but fall into the foreign exchange market wealth trap to go foreign exchange market is so wonderful, if you can read it, it will bring you super happy, if you If you can not read it, it will bring you super pain and suffering Observing the foreign exchange market is more important than predicting the foreign exchange market, only through observation you can find forex trading opportunities, only through observation you can determine whether you should enter or leave the market, the key is that you should be able to read the language of the foreign exchange market Learning forex trading also has a complete learning process, beginners need to go through the five steps 1, learn a set of In practice, tested and effective trading system 2, in the past history of the chart to practice using the learned trading methods 3, using the current market data in real time for simulation operations, to further improve their skills and level of correct use of the trading system 4, in the simulation operations have a greater certainty, on the basis of profitability, and then use a small amount of money for small-scale operations, and to summarize in a timely manner The actual operation of the lessons learned, in practice to continue to learn and improve 5, really in accordance with the thinking of professional investors and work in the way of real trading But many investors tend to start directly from the fifth step to do, which is like not yet learned to swim directly jump into the sea, the pilot has not learned to drive, to directly fly the plane into the sky, if so, it is not surprising that failure According to statistics, the U.S. individual investors in the foreign exchange market more than 90% is a loss, this result and the stock market statistics are similar to prove once again, regardless of the operation in any market, the beginning to learn the correct trading methods and investment philosophy, but also to abandon the majority of people use the wrong way of thinking
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