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Short term traders have no future is that really true

Before analyz cashback forexg th forexbonusrebate issue, I can tell you the conclusion that short term traders really have a future but any successful short term traders have to have a prerequisite, that is to have a positive profitable trading system Chinese ancient saying is called, know yourself forexrebatesbrokers your enemy, a hundred battles will forex discount brokers be dangerous then know yourself and your enemy, a hundred battles will not be dangerous what is the literal meaning of it also means that if you want to defeat your enemy, you have to understand his strength, understand The most important thing is to know the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy so that you can better defeat your enemy! If you want to make long-term stable profits in the futures market, you must know your own conditions, and the situation of your opponent. 100,000 - million accounts for medium-sized funds, more than a million funds for the big money then, we already know the current capital scale of the division, the next step is to know the opponents situation now we face the opponent, not only outside the large institutions but also the opponent has shown the diversified development of the market now, at least a few of these characters involved in the first accounted for the largest The proportion of retail investors, and then there are private experts, medium and large investment institutions, programmed robots, etc. Whether it is an individual trader or a team battle, then the preferred profit object must be the retail investors in the data some time ago, there are 900,000 small capital scale retail investors, these refer to the absence of any trading system, based on the feeling of forexdiscountbrokersing more or less retail investors then according to each retail account about 50,000 scale calculation, this Market capacity of about 45 billion, excluding 10 billion commission, then the market has about 35 billion waiting for you to earn why you can not get a share of the pie, will also feel that the news of those small funds to do hundreds of millions is a myth? So to survive in this market, you must do with those retail investors of all kinds of different, just as the saying goes, the reason why God is called God is because he did what people can not do professional traders not only fully grasp the probability and win rate, and have complete money management rules they do not have to take unnecessary risks, just need to know when to have a high probability of winning the higher the win rate, the contract will also be placed If there is no good win rate at all, they do not place a single They know how to protect the existing profit; when the hand is bad, they also know how to close in time Strict compliance with this discipline, so that they can participate in the transaction at any time Then I will talk about the conditions required for successful short term traders in the following First of all, I will tell you about money management, money management also belongs to the trading system I created a capital management method, simply called graded capital management is actually very simple, I think the capital management is divided into only two levels, a percentage position, a fixed position large capital with a percentage position, small capital on a fixed position can be an example, small capital if you open a few positions in the trading session, the position is almost close to 100%. For example, if a small capital opens a few positions in the trading session, the position is almost close to 100 percent, which is what we call a full position you can not ask small capital to use the percentage position, at this time, if the trader pays attention to their percentage, then the small fluctuations, absolutely very affect the traders real-time judgment and mind control Second is the old cliché mentality and technology We face a whole new world, our trading is also facing a whole new world But these are not the most important thing, we have the courage to adapt and lead this new world, have the ability to bear all the burdens and preparedness then mentality is divided into two categories is greed and fear, also known as the same source of profit and loss in trading, we need to maintain a winning mentality at all times, know that we are relying on the probability of winning, rather than a 100% win rate, if I know that there is a 100% win rate In fact, it does not matter if you lose a single or two, the important thing is to focus on the current approach, the approach will not allow you to continue to survive in the market rather than the profit and loss of a single or two, to make the loss and gain there is a simple mention, any good mentality is based on the correct technology, any out of technology to speak of mentality is a rogue give up all the opportunities that do not belong to them, in order to Wait until you want the opening point, it will certainly appear, even if not for quite a long time, you will not lose anything Rome is not built in a day, money is not a day to earn the end of patience and wait for that opportunity, it means that they began to success Finally, a brief talk about the principles of short term trading do anything need principles, people and trading is also the same about the principles of short term trading. I will now mention the simple four points, do not leave a position, unless there are large profits of a single, not heavy positions, not frequent orders, learn how to stop loss above I just briefly talk about the conditions required for successful short term traders, now first to build a framework success is to simplify the complex things, and then repeat the simple things to do successful trading, is to select a set of simple and correct method, long-term persistence I think the right mindset is mainly based on good technology, if the technology is not good, how good the mindset, you will not do well, only continuous losses But, in the case that we have not yet built a mature technology, I still want to give you an analysis of the main psychological fears of traders and ways to deal with trading psychological analysis of the four fears of loss -The continuous loss of performance more strongly, the psychology will produce a fear of psychology but do not know this is a probability problem people will wait and see, can not stand to chase a single, and finally the more afraid of loss, the more hesitant, the more to do wrong afraid to do wrong - do not dare to do, indecisive, leading to do long and short intention is not clear, no trading system, get to the end miss good Do not be afraid to do wrong, in fact, with a positive profit system will have a small probability of wrong single, that is, the transaction costs afraid to miss the opportunity - really good market will slowly fall or rise, fast fluctuations do not matter, simply can not catch up with the rhythm, do not be afraid to miss the opportunity to fear of not making money - no patience Waiting for the exit signal and the opportunity to close/accelerate the state, close the position and get out of the game In fact, a single and a single is not necessarily linked can reach wait until the key position or accelerated position, and then small positions all out, large positions to reduce the position in fact to do transactions, I can take professional gamblers to make an analogy professional gamblers not only fully grasp the probability and win, and have complete money management laws they do not want to take unnecessary risks They know when they have the odds, the higher the odds, the bigger the bets, and if they dont have the odds, they dont bet. They know how to protect their profits; when they have a bad hand, they know to call it quits. This market is always only 3 percent of the people make money, to make money, you have to stand against the public, you can have a day of their own world!
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