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Program trading

Program forex d forexbonusrebatecount brokers (ProgramTrading), literally, that investors use the program (Program) to trade (Trading) specific trading timing, trading positions, stop-loss forexdiscountbrokers take-profit criteria, etc., may cashback forex included in the program itself, may also be independent of the program, the program itself is only the way of implementation Advantages  nbsp; a, the use of programmed trading can be in the trading process can overcome human weaknesses people have weaknesses, human emotional factors, greed, fear, do forexrebatesbrokers decisive, gambling and so on will let a person in the transaction suddenly change the original plan, and this behavior is constantly recurring, as the German philosopher-psychologist Schopenhauer said a person in the same time and environmental conditions will make The same mistakes, is inevitable, this is the inferiority of man Second, the use of programmed trading can break through the human physiological limits of human reaction speed is limited, the human ability to operate is also limited, if at the same time hold more than four varieties of commodities, when the market is intense when multiple varieties of simultaneous signal trading, that a persons behavior is not taken into account, but the computer can easily complete  nbsp;Disadvantages First, only systematic traders can do programmed trading, and other types of trading methods, there is no way to use programmed trading to complete, which will be part of the people blocked out Second, the instability of programmed trading programmed trading system can not always wrap up the world, there will always be a certain problem at a particular time we look at programmed trading correctly. It should be viewed as a tool, how to do well, is how you make good use of this tool programmed trading is designed by people, the ability of the trading system to make money will directly reflect the level of the designer design ideas is essentially an integrated trading concept, trading ideas, trading methods and even including trading experience, including an accumulation and precipitation, but there is no guarantee that a method will always be applicable to The designer behind the market programmed trading system is not a one-off, to face this market continuous learning, continuous progress, and constantly grasp the first opportunity Third, the current programmed trading technology threshold is high, can not be civilianized some well-known domestic software platform, sometimes still can not fully reflect the traders thinking now the software industry is increasingly developed, but not omnipotent, there are always flaws writing program is The software industry is becoming more and more developed, but its not omnipotent, there are always flaws Writing a program is a more in-depth technology, many people do not know, learning is not so easy, there are some people discouraged even if the senior software division, it is not possible to reflect all the systematic traders trading ideas at will A set of really long-term stable money system, may require very complex, not only in the trading signals, but also in the management of funds, position management, multi-strategy overlap on a variety of The difference between a trading program and a trading system should also be noted Trading system is a complete system, the specific implementation of the program may only be part of a good trading system should also be risk control, capital utilization, position management and other aspects of the content, not just the generation of buy and sell signals
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