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Opportunity Killer Druckenmiller When you see it you have to be a brave pig

Shortly after Stanley forexbonusrebate (Stanley Druckenmiller) started working for cashback forexs QuantumFund, he sold a lot of short due to the accurate judgment of the weak prospects of the dollar The dollar to buy Mark the development of the market is increasingly favorable to him, Druckenmiller also feel very proud, forex discount brokers came to Soross office to talk about this transaction you built a position of how large? Soros asked Druckenmiller 1 billion dollars and you call that a position? Soros asked disdainfully This is a classic Wall Street question and answer in the financial predator Soross ear, Stanley Druckenmiller learned the most valuable forexrebatesbrokers tips, not to figure out the right and wrong investment, but to know whether they are able to take advantage of the right investment, when the investment failed to stop the loss in time when Druckenmiller just joined the Quantum Fund, Soros on his The biggest criticism of Soros was that he did not make the most of the opportunity to make the most profit, despite his accurate judgment of the market situation, and once the market situation was accurately judged, it was time to take the plunge and double his position in foreign exchange, according to Soros advice, and finally take a large profit. During Druckenmillers five-year tenure at Quantum, the funds annual return rose to 40 forexdiscountbrokers, surpassing even Soross average annual return of 30 percent from 1969 to 1988, with annual returns of 31.6 percent, 29.6 percent, 53.4 percent, 68.6 percent and 72 percent from 1989 to 1993, respectively. Prior to joining Quantum, Druckenmiller was the manager of a record seven funds at Travers Funds, and with the addition of his own Riggson Fund, Druckenmiller managed eight funds over the same period. Druckenmillers management style also shifted from a traditional single-holding equity portfolio to a hybrid investment strategy that combined bonds, foreign exchange and equities, with the flexibility to buy long and sell short in these markets. He believes that strict control of investment risk and the right time to make big profits is the way to maintain the long-term performance of the fund investment fund returns in the 30 to 40% return, if still have confidence, should strive to achieve a return of 100%; if you can put together some years close to 100% return, while avoiding loss years, you can really achieve outstanding long-term high returns
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