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My road to foreign exchange EA --- write to each of the people who long for the holy grail of EA

Author: forexrebatesbrokers the exchange 911 teacher first of all to do a little self-introduction, forexbonusrebate am in the exchange of 911 because I always believe cashback forex reading forex discount brokers very important, but choose the right book is more important, forexdiscountbrokers whether the book is the right choice depends on the author of the book, who he is, what he has done, what is the purpose of the book he wrote once there are many exchange friends read two classic Technical analysis materials to accuse me here and there does not meet the book, listen to me really good and funny other I do not want to say more, please can you read the book author to come with me to the foreign exchange market PK a! I think there are no experts in the foreign exchange market, only losers and winners, I think the success of the foreign exchange market or not, not than who can write or more didactic, the only most just standard is the profit and loss! People who come to speculate in foreign exchange is to make money! If earning real money can not be used as the only criterion for you and me, I would rather admit defeat! I believe that many of our friends are not able to profit in the foreign exchange market, can only rely on the writing of books to run training courses, rely on a bit of paste makers kung fu to make a living or indirectly by their irresponsible writing of the book harm here I will not say much, today is mainly to talk about some of my research in EA, as well as the current situation of the development and application of EA around the world to produce the actual results. An introduction, so that we can facilitate the current friends who are interested in EA or are learning to have a clear understanding of where they are  One day in October 2000, when standing on the flyover in New York, watching the traffic, peoples expressions serious shuttle, that angle, that feeling, like a champion in watching the people under the stage, because that day I thought I was in contact with The holy grail of the financial markets that holy grail is a very complex indicator, then running on the MT4 software, his fascinating thing is that all the inflection points of the market this indicator has instructions people will always see what they want to see, I subjectively ignored the wrong signal of this indicator  Now that I think about it, at that time was completely distorted by their own desires their own eyes, and at that time is who advised nor I was looking for software for series analysis or software that can be used to do series analysis to try to eliminate the indicator in accordance with the idea of financial time series analysis. Later, I felt that other peoples software is not addictive, I led the team to write their own sequence analysis platform in c#, by the way, here I need to add a sentence, I am a software background, while teaching C# and java in the university, while there is a small software company two years later, the sequence analysis platform has been made distributed in dozens of machines at the same time, the first operation in 14 days after the termination, because as the storage of intermediate computing results of the dell disk array broke down, and then we a calculation, all the calculations once to a year, and do not know whether the results are correct at this time, a friend in Goldman Sachs recommended to us tradestation2000i, I began to find that this thing is better than MT4, and do not need to do sequence conversion, because it is the processing of market data, we began to put algorithm to ts2000i transplant, only to learn later that we were just treating it as a more functionally rich MT4, and this is only a secondary function of it 01 years to start, paid to tradestation, using the genuine tradestation8 series of products, more than 10 hours a day ts development, division of labor reasons, I do not do trading, and therefore can focus more on tradestation and strategy development test that algorithm transplanted to tradestation8, computing is much faster, but often do an experiment also takes several hours or even dozens of hours, tradestation8 and tradestation2000i production time difference of 7 years 7 years is a what concept, think about win95 ( 1995) and windows xp (2001) the difference between the new ts8 removed globalserver, all data server-side management, the use of integrated GUI (graphical user interface), the most important is the writing of trading strategies and report generation function compared with ts2000i almost equivalent to ts2000i no such function until now I also see that there are always friends looking for ts2000i online, I told those friends more than once forget it, its not worth it, and those who try to use the cracked version of ts8, you know that now is the data server-side management, as if your QQ account is managed on the server of Tencent in Shenzhen, to give you a QQ can not be online, what use ah, dont give up that 100 dollars a month, dont let go of the 100 dollars. Specific ts to get the approach I will speak in detail later until October 04, I found that I seem to be in pursuit of a mirage, because it has been three years, we not only can not get the ideal test results for that system, even the inventor of the system in the three years have not been able to use the system in the stock and foreign exchange market profits, but in the big bull market in 06, constantly issued to customers to close positions or wait and see advice & nbsp nbsp; Am I too subjective? Is it lust for profit? Or was it taken advantage of? I always have to encounter setbacks before I start thinking seriously so many years spent on a system that can not be verified to be effective, indeed high risk, in the book "savvy traders", the author mentioned that trading system development is the worlds highest risk business practices, yes, never because of the huge consumption, but often do not get any results, unlike selling tofu, dry is dried tofu, frozen is frozen tofu, corruption when Stinky tofu to sell just like that failed? Admit defeat? What about my previous years of investment? What about the real life I imagined? How to do? No way, there is no turning back  There must be a reason for the failure, look at how others are doing it, the end of 05 years to start learning other peoples systems, most of them are foreigners, this thing foreigners study more, but I think in the philosophical level, the Chinese should be more dominant, such as the wrecked sword, which is a proficient in Chinese studies but does not know English genius, he told me in a few minutes that I have a few years Why is it white: any technical indicators are some kind of abstraction of the market, relying on a single principle to produce a system, you will certainly encounter a philosophical dilemma .....   Soak the forum, look through thousands of posts, try other peoples systems  July 06, the brand new system made out, first of all, as a professional trader in the exchange 911 I want to say, I now look back to evaluate this system, many problems, and I now do not use this system to do transactions, but at that time, I think ok, very good As of August 08, the signals sent by this system accumulated 400 transactions, and became the best forex system on the worldEA website, and at the same time was selected for the slowandsteady list, during the gaineroftheapril,gainerofthequarter. The total number of competing systems is 6000, from all over the world now how do I trade? The answer is semi-automatic, the signals sent by the system are obtained by arithmetic, so when the signal appears, it means: now it is possible that the market will move in the direction indicated by the signal, but definitely not: because there is a signal, the market should move in the direction indicated by the signal, the signal is just a signal, not the fundamental reason for determining the market movement so I would like to solemnly remind you here: (especially) Those who are still eager to find an EA on the Internet or with an EA can go home and continue to sleep and then wait for their dreams of becoming rich into reality muddleheads)   At present, the world can not be sustainable and stable profit EA, if the EA fully automated trading (even the worlds best EA) is either the market like a monkey with frequent stop losses. You will never dare to touch the EA again, or is not stop-loss, but once the stop-loss is burst! There is no such thing as an EA that can be optimized to achieve sustainable and stable profits, and if anyone tells you that, that person must be a liar! There is only one purpose: that is to cheat you of your money! If really as they say so magical, why he still come to pull your account? Directly a 10,000 U.S. dollars, and then EA hanging, the computer is open, every month on the payment of some electricity, and then wait to surpass Warren Buffett! Now also out of a scam, is some small platform or black platform (not in the NFA or FSA to obtain the market dealer qualification) in order to develop customers, in their own betting platform to open some so-called real position (actually is a simulation position, because it is a betting platform, they lose to their own does not exist real loss!) The first period we found a number of this real position scam! At first thought that the world really have ghosts? The last of these positions were found to be serious losses or burst positions, and the last of the funds were somehow transferred away to other accounts, and no real gold was seen, and finally the scammers simply sealed the positions, and no one could log in!   Well, my basic information is finished, according to the rules of the trade, I put my system in worldEA to accept the supervision of the trading performance records up, Oh, in fact, there is no such a line, I just hope that others do the same, because now there are too many scammers, in this industry this segment, as many scammers, this afternoon in the bookstore to see a book "Beat Warren Buffett" or "Beyond Warren Buffett", the author is very young, but young is not the problem, the problem is that he misleads people he has 30 years in a row, 30% of the annual return, get a whole lot of celebrity testimony, who knows whether it is true or false, trading performance in the end, all rely on his own say but I guess not allowed to also have to become a best-seller, huh  Trading system development of risk tips for All dream of getting a trading system that can be free from human manipulation and regulation in the market for long-term profits but still at the entry level of friends, for friends who are deep into the development of trading strategies, before I start to introduce tradestation and trading strategy development, I have a responsibility to you to risk statement: trading system development is afraid that the worlds highest risk business practices, especially when You are not on the same page with brokers  I am not good at philosophical derivation, but I have some data to share with you  If you want a system that is such that: long-term profitability (more than a year of positive returns and more than 50 trades) annual returns greater than 30% maximum risk of less than 20%, in worldEA accept the supervision of 6000 systems in no one to meet the conditions!   I guess many people engaged in system trading and trading system development is inspired by the brilliant performance of a mathematician like Simmons of Renaissance Technology who founded the Grand Chapter Fund, which is indeed a fully automated system, but Simmons himself still attributed his success to luck and Simmons system win rate is just a little over 50%, then their profits are built In hundreds of billions of dollars of money every day to participate in almost every currency futures market in the world through hundreds of millions of transactions, from 10,000 transactions to obtain that one time the statistical law of profit, ask us who in the Chinese world have so much money and willing to use so much money to do such a thing?! There is also a part of the people are looking at the online sales trading system advertising, think they say is true, such as saying that a month can profit 1500 points to 3000 points, there is a very good yield curve I bought which I can not see the broken, the results are also a fraud  then my own system, August 7, the dollar appeared 12 years unprecedented spike, worldEA above all nbsp;Some friends may ask: So what is the difference between EA fully automated trading and manual trading? Why EA has been able to achieve fully automated trading, while the worlds foreign exchange, stocks, futures trading 99.9% of the money is still through the trader to trade it?   Here I make an analogy with you, I believe your friends will be easy to understand we compare speculation to washing clothes, there are two options, one is by the laundry experts to wash you by hand, the other is directly thrown into the fully automatic washing machine washing machine is a laundry expert after years of their own laundry experience, to wash their own clothes some common to the techniques cured in the washing machine machinery as well as Automatic control procedures, so the washing machine can wash clothes, but we all know that no matter how good the washing machine is always cleaner than the clothes washed by hand laundry experts, why? Because the washing machine is not as fine as the human hand, not smart enough, it can not see individual stains, let alone for different types of stains with different types of detergent actually washing machine is designed by people, EA is only the human mind through the programming of it part of the fixed words down Why say part of it, because the current science and technology is not advanced enough, just like you see your friend Zhang San Li Si, no matter what he is wearing today What clothes, you can recognize at a glance, but the computer takes a long time to calculate and calculate the possibility of 40% is wrong! This is the reason why the current EA trading results around the world is far lower than the trader, but of course it also has a certain use, that is, when the trader is tired and the company requires a constant hit single volume out, the trader is lazy to hang an EA (because the trader may have won more profits, the back of the EA to open a low-risk multi-stop loss even if the overall loss is also a win, so that the overall profit on the basis of the companys requirements (This is the main reason why EA is still used by many traders abroad even though they know they cant be profitable)   But for the sake of responsibility, I am still trading on my own, more than ten years of experience is enough for me to easily deal with various markets, my brain is a fully trained network neural system, no EA can exceed the complexity of the human The complexity of the brain, perhaps this is the reason for the longevity of independent trading it I once asked Simmons for advice, even with his system to identify market shifts at least 60% of the cost of losses and at least 1 day of time, while when I encounter similar situations usually not more than 2 hours, losses never exceeded 5%, and many times even through money management techniques to resolve due to I do not have hundreds of billions of dollars of capital like Simmons Grand Chapter Fund, the only viable is still their own physical efforts to create a high-quality trading strategy through maximum commitment and pay  In summary, my point is: if you have money, time, a strong frustration tolerance, and feel that you will become a special case, then you then go after the ability to long-term Profitable trading system otherwise, please give up the idea 
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