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What You Should Know About the XM Network

The XM Satellite Radio is the number one satellite radio service provider in the United States. It is operated by Sirius XM Holdings. It offers more than 170 digital channels of programming, including the hottest sports, premier music, and talk radio.

XM has a number of different subscription packages. Each comes with a free trial period. After this period, the subscription automatically renews. However, the content, features, and fees might change. If you are interested in getting an SXM subscription, it"s important to know exactly what you are signing up for.

The company"s flagship channel is SiriusXM, which provides a wide variety of talk and news programming. Commercial-free music is also available. Some of the formats offered by the network include niche music and talk formats, as well as mainstream news and comedy programs.

In the past, XM was run as a joint venture between Motient Corporation and TMI Communications. The company was headed towards bankruptcy, so it sold off its controlling interest to Hughes Electronics. As a result, a re-capitalization plan was arranged, which included issuing over US$300 million in 10% convertible bonds to a group of private investors.

During the early 1990s, a number of different organizations formed the American Mobile Satellite Corporation, which was dedicated to satellite broadcasting of telephone signals. A spin-off from this was XM Satellite Radio Holdings, Inc. These two entities would go on to compete for distribution rights with the car manufacturers.

As the two companies competed for distribution rights, they agreed on several concessions to avoid any possible price hikes. They also agreed to certain programming arrangements. For instance, XM was given the right to use the silhouetted batter logo of Major League Baseball.

Additionally, XM granted the rights to the collective marks of all major league clubs. As a result, the companies were able to produce an exclusive, 24-hour MLB channel. One of the first shows to air on the channel was the Bob Edwards Show, which featured the former NPR host.

Both companies have been successful in attracting subscribers. Even though the sales of their retail channels have decreased in recent years, they continue to make a substantial effort to attract new subscribers. This includes a promotional offer that is available to new subscribers.

XM has also devoted significant resources to attracting subscribers through their car manufacturer channels. They have a dedicated sales team that works closely with automobile manufacturers. Although the firm"s share of the mass-market retail channel has been decreasing, retail sales still account for a large part of their sales.

Both companies also provide the option to purchase equipment rebates. Depending on your location, you may be able to receive a discounted satellite receiver. But even if you don"t, you can still receive a discounted XM or Sirius receiver through any of their retail partners.

XM also features advanced traffic and weather information. They also provide an XM NavTraffic system that transmits coded traffic information directly to vehicle navigation systems.

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