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Investment security strategy - preparation before trading

  Rest cashback forexexdiscountbrokers wait Rest and wait forex discount brokers an active state of defense Many investors do forexrebatesbrokers understand its intrinsic meaning: the cost of defense by doing nothing is the lowest of all security measures The reason why we do nothing is that: (1) the mind and body rest and trading Summarize, (2) the forexbonusrebate does not have a big market, or can not judge the market, (3) the evolution of the market has entered the danger zone, (4) the timing before the implementation of the strategic plan waiting for the curve of capital equity and price fluctuations graph is similar, capital phase growth is not a difficult thing for many people, while how to avoid a significant fall in equity is not an easy task However, only by avoiding the retraction of capital can achieve capital appreciation, to To achieve the compound interest effect of capital rolling not for perhaps the best way, this is a kind of surrender, is a kind of obedience and respect for the performance of the objective market visible, learn to rest and wait is to decide whether the investment can win an important part of us need to understand: the market is the protagonist in the market changes, and the investors performance is just an insignificant supporting role should be left enough time and space to the market, rather than their own busy;. Should wait for the market to give a clear direction, otherwise, the end of busy can only be an empty one The key question is: why people are always busy? This is the result of the desire to drive when people set their eyes on money rather than the market and their own, will always imagine the occurrence of the market, and hope to seize rather than lose We believe that: to be able to tap the investment value of the market is very good, but, to find the market is not the market, or admit that you can not read the market, its significance is more important because only to recognize this, will know the value of rest and wait "Sun Tzu Art of War In the "Art of War", there is a saying: the road is not by, the army is not attacked, the city is not attacked, the land is not contested, the rulers orders are not subject to the reason for not acting, for the sake of safety, for the big strategic plan to serve, rather than the immediate small profits or the blind action under the lure 
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