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In the loss of money confused forex traders want to know but have not been able to get the right answer to those questions

Th forex discount brokers article is dedicated to the forex market is still forexrebatesbrokers the half-understood road loss of investors, I hope to take a detour I am forexbonusrebate like those other forex analysts rip some of the technical analysis of the reader half-understood, I just through the most common the most simple forexdiscountbrokers humorous statements to describe the truth, the following is in the loss of money confused forex traders want to Know and can not get the right answer to the question, do you also want to know the answer to these questions? And heard to come to the question one, why look at those head of the analysts articles or books still can not earn money? Technical analysis is like a womans cosmetics, painted on the face will make people feel good, in fact, she is just a prop to deceive mens eyes, the real beauty, are pure most of the foreign exchange investors look online a lot of foreign exchange analysts a thousand technical analysis, head, profound, but I believe that many people look after the foggy, half-understood, the real to the real deal is indeed A lot of retail investors are misled by these indicators ah graphics ah morphology ah support to confuse themselves, can not see through the essence of the transaction, resulting in losses, you think about it, you a small retail investors, have the leisure to ponder those see dizzy technical analysis? The real truth is that the usual technical analysis of the head of the people did not earn money, technical analysis is the analysts faking the mystery to fool the retailer worship of their own tools only in the foreign exchange market really make a lot of money masters, are well versed in the rules of the foreign exchange game layout speculators, they do not believe in relying on what indicators averages graphics on the money, their bizarre operations are in their own The small circle of circulation, outside the ordinary people can not know the problem two, why learn a variety of cashback forex strategies but still can not make money? This problem is like a man who wants to find an object, a mind to learn a lot of pick-up secret and set up, but she likes the girl everything is not very well understood, and then he learned these set up constantly used in the pursuit of girls, the results of the girls are very disgusted with him this man wrong on the fault of the girls lack of understanding of everything, thinking about how to use the set up to pick up people if he first feel through the girl If he first understands everything about the girl in the right medicine, it may not be everywhere in the wall forex trading is also the case, many people on the forex trading everything is just to understand a fur, and then start to think about what methods and techniques to use to make a profit, the result is to learn a lot of methods and techniques, or a loss of a mess if first familiar with all the forex trading situation and then to learn the method, then it may be better, man. You say it is right many do a year and a half of foreign exchange friends, on the one hand, want to make money, on the one hand, more interested in foreign exchange trading, want to achieve financial freedom through foreign exchange investment, such people are more proactive, hardworking, they realize that to do well in foreign exchange trading must have the technology, so they will search everywhere for foreign exchange trading methods, in their exploration of foreign exchange trading technology, they constantly look at various masters In their exploration of forex trading techniques, they constantly read various gurus books on forex speculation, look at the analysis of many analysts articles online, add many forex groups, find some teachers for advice, and then they apply the learned techniques and strategies in their own practice, but they fail again and again, not to earn a dime, but to lose money to vomit blood, many people have been playing for several years or loss status, they are torn by this, and cannot help but ask, forex trading in the end can make money, is not their own No money life? Is it suitable for you to do foreign exchange trading? Continue to persist and feel unable to find the direction, every day for the loss of money to get anxious, want to give up and reluctant, after all, also lost so much money, also adhere to so long, do not want to do so a loser puzzled, continue to live a life of lamentation, the road to financial freedom is not good ah, so only like a vagrant, in the jungle east look west look, mixed with some foreign exchange group circle, read some articles. I guess you read this article is also such a mentality is it actually is not the foreign exchange market does not make money, making money is also a lot of people, and not a bad life problem, the problem is the direction of the problem, they started in the wrong direction, put time and energy on learning technology, and then rummage through the box to find technical secrets, in the end is the technology to learn a lot, talk about a variety of technology is also the head, but a to the actual battle can not Of course, there is nothing wrong with learning technology, this is the skill of foreign exchange trading, but the fault is in the path of foreign exchange trading put the cart before the horse, in their own understanding of all the rules of the game and the characteristics of the foreign exchange market on the basis of learning in more trading techniques and strategies are useless technology this thing is built on the understanding of the cognition of things before effective trading technology this thing is dead, must be a specific rule If a technology works well, but when the rules have changed, the situation has changed, the trading varieties volatility range has changed, the technology is of little use, which is the reason why I do not believe in technical schools over the years, I only believe that on the basis of familiarity with the cognition of things, the corresponding strategies in different situations strategy more effective question three, why can not help but make the wrong trading decisions from time to time? Men are immature, in the process of chasing the goddess, at the beginning, not to make mistakes not to be spontaneous, or anything to go along with the girl, restrain their true nature, after a period of time, with the familiarity of the two people, the shortcomings of both sides can be exposed, lifestyle and values and habits also deviated, inevitably will occur contradictions and conflicts, this time the man will be in conflict when it happens Cant help but freak out, serious will also occur arguments and scolding and break up, afterwards and chagrin, but girls generally do not like such a man, away from him this man is wrong in not tolerant enough forex trading is also the case, many people lose money because several times to make a risky wrong decision and lead to big losses, you open their trading records, you will find that their loss of money are concentrated in several big mistakes Decision-making operations they are very modest at first, careful, do a period of time, familiar with the foreign exchange trading, slowly can not control the nature of their human weaknesses from the cage, the ghosts will make mistakes, which is the immaturity of the mind led to avoid making the wrong trading decisions, we must recognize the truth of the game of foreign exchange trading, fully understand the nature of foreign exchange trading, and then establish A set of perfect trading system, develop a strong execution, everything with the trading system implementation remember ha, establish a trading system, say goodbye to spontaneous operation problem four, why the stop loss stop loss when you can not close the position? The man chased a woman, chased for several years, can reach the time of marriage, but the man delayed to propose marriage, but also want to enjoy a few more years of youth free days, but the womans youth is, after all, short-lived, can not afford to drag away, but also said that the man did not take charge of the man chased a woman, chased a year or two, found that the two people in various aspects of the incompatibility, living together unhappy, but just stalking not to break up, not because Love, but because they are not willing to pay the money and feelings, how so no, in the end the woman can not stand to run, men and repeat the same mistake in the next woman, obviously not suitable, is not willing to break up, and finally did not get the right object, youth is also a waste of forex trading is also the case, sometimes the single has been a big profit, the market is to pull back, but also want to earn more, enjoy the continuous money The thrill of the delay in closing positions, to the final market retracement, the chicken fly an empty; sometimes the market trend and their own single direction, not willing to admit defeat, has been carrying, holding losses, and finally either resist to collapse, or burst, sometimes indeed resist to fluke market rebound profit, but the next time he will still resist, there is always a time not fluke, resist burst to avoid this phenomenon, we must Build a trading system, establish a set of stop-loss principles, such as each single stop-loss fixed in how many points to close the position, the profit reached more than how much to close the position, and then let the system to perform, rather than by feeling to perform
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