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I think forex trading should learn how!

I forexdiscountbrokers trading for a number of years, in th forex discount brokers number of years, has been thinking about how to do foreign exchange is the right solution, back and forth to do a single try to practice, back and forth to burst the position, in thinking, in practice, in burst the position until now I was thinking that each industry has its rules, such as reading cashback forex industry, you have to seriously do more practice questions scores can be very high, to read a good university and then for example, you go to do carpentry, the master first teach you the most basic Then you do carpentry contact follow the master to learn, over time, it will then I think about the rules of the foreign exchange industry, or a small white growth path in the end how to think for so long, I came to a conclusion, but also the results of my thinking for so many years is that the white first to go to learn to learn is to train the two links are indispensable first link to say learning, learning what? Do forexbonusrebate learn garbage, to learn useful knowledge, this link is the level of the training forexrebatesbrokers is like you read the key high school and ordinary high school teacher level is a big gap between the good training teacher to give you a lecture should so speak, the main meaning is to focus on the rules, a rule has been adhered to, has been doing rules within the single, a single rule outside the single do not do, a good teacher should be around this topic to lecture, specifically how to speak that is free to speak of humor can speak of boring are indifferent, but the key is to lecture topics must be strictly enforced rules will be this way the teacher of the class is a good teacher, contrast to see what the junk teacher speaks, the junk teacher may be around the technical analysis of what K-line combination indicators trend line, and so on and so on I ask so lecture can be? Of course not, because all of these are not the focus of the transaction, just like you take the college entrance examination, the teacher class lectures do not give you the knowledge points of the college entrance examination syllabus, all day long to give you the other is not the knowledge points on the examination syllabus to speak back and forth to speak of the gleeful have a dick with this is called can not grasp the focus of the examination junk teacher lectures in humor in easy to understand are junk, because the core of the focus of the pressure root he did not know did not give You lecture lecture is so first talk about the knowledge points and then talk about the level of lectures, knowledge points are not grasped right, speak again good are garbage we foreign exchange lectures focus on knowledge points is the strict implementation of trading rules a posture practice a thousand times this is knowledge points is not the so-called K-line combinations, trend lines and other boring technical analysis because these are not the focus of the second link said training, you learn the knowledge is the teacher Said the strict implementation of the rules, and then training, like saying that the math class teacher taught you a mathematical formula, the rest of the time is to do practice questions to consolidate this knowledge, keep doing exercises, engage in a sea of problems, have been doing math paper this way your college entrance exam results will be improved, the same we forex trading also need a lot of contact, contact how long half a year on the line, adhere to the rules of trading for half a year, as long as this half a year You can always do the rules within the single not to do a single rule outside the single, you become you certainly make money, into the door remaining is the accumulation of time waiting to make big money write so many words, I do not know if you agree, I say are I think the right, please pat everyone, each express their own views different people have different views
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