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How to use the chase single

forexbonusrebate the market forexrebatesbrokers the trend began, the direction of the trend to do a forexdiscountbrokers, and in a short period of time that the single out of the field method forex discount brokers often used by investors in the speculation of foreign cashback forex chase single operation method because the chase single is in the exchange rate fluctuations done when the transaction, then there is a great risk if not operated properly, then it is easy to cause losses in a very short period of time investors Before carrying out the single operation, the first thing to know when to chase a single? Chasing a single is in the gold price fluctuations when doing transactions, then the basic principle is to chase a single in the exchange rate began to fluctuate sharply mainly in two cases to chase a single operation: 1. broken when broken refers to all the K-line combination is broken; 2. European and U.S. opening time before and after chasing a single also pay attention to the principle of profit that is closed, because once the exchange rate broke the price will continue to go in the direction of the broken least. So if we chase a single, then our goal is to close the position after profit operation speculation in foreign exchange chase single operation, only when the exchange rate fluctuates violently will use, so the exchange rate will change in the process of entry and generally better, even if the exchange rate changes within a second of your single in the transaction process, then your single is still traded in the price you originally made a single that is, your A single transaction began to make money so chasing a single when the mind must react quickly, see the right price immediately do a single, and quickly operate and an important skill is what? Because we chase a single when the price fluctuation is relatively fast, so after the single deal, should immediately set a stop-win price when the exchange rate to the stop-win price so that the single automatically can complete the transaction what is the purpose of doing so because people are greedy heart, so when we chase but after the success of many people will earn a full 5 points still refuse to close the position, and set a stop-win price can Avoid losses caused by greed set another benefit of the stop-win is what it is, because the exchange rate in the violent fluctuations, the manual closing of positions may not be closed at the right price and when a stop-win is set, when the price of a single but flash will be closed
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