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AvaTrade Review - Best Forex Pairs to Trade During Each Session

If you re just starting out with Forex trading, you might be wondering what the best Forex pairs to trade are during each session. Here are some tips to help you choose the right ones for your trading style. Depending on the currency pair you re trading, you may want to trade during overlap hours, when the New York and London markets are at their highest volatility. These are the times that you ll want to trade if you re serious about making money in the Forex market.

Trading in ranges is easier during the second half of the trading day, when volatility is lower, making it more difficult to break support and resistance levels. Traders can benefit from range trading during the New York session, which overlaps with the London session by four hours. During this overlap, most major currency pairs USD, EUR, GBP are liquid and the price advances are highest. During this time, you ll find the best prices and opportunities, so choose the right currency pairs.

AvaTrade offers two types of trading accounts: Standard and Retail. Standard accounts require a minimum deposit of $100 and can be opened using either a debit card or credit card. A corporate account requires the applicant to upload a copy of a company s certificate of incorporation, a recent utility bill, a corporate board resolution, or a memorandum of association. The company s minimum advertised spreads are in line with the industry average for currency pairs.

AvaTrade offers several platforms for online trading. You can trade on the foreign exchange market with over 50 forex pairs. You can choose between fixed and variable spreads, as well as leverage. You can also use AvaTradeGO s trading app, which has been rated as the top trading app. The mobile app is easy to use and provides reliable trading conditions. You can trade forex from anywhere with an internet connection.

The best time to trade Forex is when different financial markets overlap. In these times, currency rates are high and low, allowing you to profit from the market s high activity and low volatility. A good overlap occurs between New York and London, making it a good time to trade the Euro against the USD. If you want to maximize your chances of profiting, you can sell or buy. And, as with any currency, timing is everything.

The Asian session begins with the Sydney market opening at 2200 GMT. Actually, the financial markets of New Zealand and Australia open during this time. It then proceeds through the early hours of the Asian session, where liquidity is low and spreads are high. Traders should avoid trading USD, EUR, and GBP during the Asian session, but you can still take advantage of opportunities to profit from low volatility in these currencies.

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