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How to control the ratio of opening positions in forex trading

How to control the opening ratio in forex cashback forex? In forexrebatesbrokers forexdiscountbrokers trading position control, the proportion of open positions can not be too large, some investors are because of the forex d forexbonusrebatecount brokers position operation and caused a huge loss situation so control the proportion of open positions for each transaction, adhere to the light operation, is also an important point to control risk in foreign exchange trading heavy trading or full trading is to be avoided, light trading is preferred, light and heavy trading brings different results forex beginners should How to distinguish between foreign exchange light position, heavy position of the difference, today we will give you a brief discussion of the difference between foreign exchange light position heavy position foreign exchange light position: refers to the share of funds invested in foreign exchange has been bought, accounting for a small proportion of the total amount to be invested, that is, the remaining funds more foreign exchange heavy position: refers to the funds invested in foreign exchange accounted for the largest proportion of total funds, the remaining funds are very little to give you an example to illustrate: assume that a certain species, a standard lot of margin is 500 U.S. dollars, and your account funds only 2000 U.S. dollars, then you place 1.5 hand orders, has been considered a heavy position or for some people, the next 1 hand orders, has been considered a heavy position so you can see the heavy light position is relative to the account funds, when your occupied margin has reached a certain level of your account funds ratio, even if the heavy position of this " A certain level" one is whether it is close to the ratio of forced closing, the second is whether it reaches your ability to bear the heavy position will lead to a blowout once the use of heavy positions, which means the need to use large leverage to trade the foreign exchange market quotes are ever-changing and unpredictable, the result is a blowout heavy positions to investors to bring a certain psychological pressure position determines the mindset, behavior leads to the results of light trading people Psychological pressure is small, heavy people will be more psychological pressure mentality in foreign exchange trading, I think we also know how important once the mentality control is not good, even if there is how high technical skills, but also traders may not be able to control the light position will allow investors to live a little longer because it is a light operation, so investors will not have a large loss in the short term, so that investors have enough time and opportunity to correct themselves The investor has enough time and opportunity to correct his mistakes and omissions in the transaction until he really understands the mastery of speculation in foreign exchange, this time you can let go, but never heavy trading light position will not give the investor additional pressure investors in foreign exchange trading if they adopt a light position, losses and profits are within their own acceptable range, then even losses will not have any impact on the life of the investor this time, the investor is completely In the relaxed state of foreign exchange trading, so that instead of making the correct judgment and operation and if the heavy position operation, will inevitably give the investor invisible pressure, disrupting the investors thoughts, easy to make the wrong judgment position determines the mindset, mindset determines behavior, behavior leads to results Why some investors do simulation position can be unlimited scenery, while the real position is a failure? Because the simulation position is just a number, while the real position is the real wealth fluctuations, it will make you greedy, will also make you fear, and both emotions will make people make very wrong behavior, which leads to different results due to the existence of this human nature, so, heavy positions from a long-term perspective, almost certain to lose so that whether it is a veteran of foreign exchange trading or inexperienced novice, it is best not to operate heavy positions because speculation in foreign exchange Must be light trading?
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