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How to apply Bollinger Bands to buy and sell stocks

  Boll forexdiscountbrokersger Bands forexrebatesbrokers a famous American securities analyst in the 1970s John • cashback forex found the quantitative indicator of the law of stock forexbonusrebate operation The indicator is represented by three lines on the graph, of which the upper and lower two lines can be seen as the pressure line and support line of the stock price, and between the two lines there is an average line of stock prices in general, The stock will run in the pressure line and support line formed by the channel  Generally speaking, the Bollinger Bands indicator on the development of the market has a forecasting role in the actual war, we are most concerned about the stock they bought is up or down, or horizontal live still we do nothing more than boating the spread, no one is really willing to hold a good prospect, but the stock price is a few months or even a few years of quality blue-chip stocks do not rise As previously jokingly called: buy ICBC is the same as the work injury   then, when to buy it? If you buy the stock too early, and the stock is late, the utilization rate of funds will be reduced, investors also have to buy the stock if too late, although you can have a small profit, but also to bear the great risk of falling stock prices and Bollinger indicators can play a role precisely at this time, to avoid too early or too late to buy the stock   1, observe the size of the opening of the Bollinger indicators, the opening gradually The Bollinger Bands indicator opening becomes smaller on behalf of the stock price gradually become smaller, the strength of the two sides tend to be the same, the stock price will choose the direction of the breakthrough, the smaller the opening, the greater the strength of the stock price breakthrough  2, the selected Bollinger Bands indicator opening smaller stocks, whether you can buy it? The answer is no Bollinger Bands indicator only tells us that these stocks will break through at any time, perhaps up, perhaps down So, which openings become smaller stocks can be bought?    (1) the companys fundamentals should be good, so that the main force in pulling up, the pressure will not be too heavy   (2) in the K-line chart, the best share price stands on the 250-day, 120-day, 60-day, 30-day and 10-day averages   (3) to see the current position of the stock price, the best choice of shares in the relative bottom of the stock    (4) Bollinger line is best to run upward, the least should also be running horizontally, so the opportunity to profit to be large   (5) the best is the current hot plate, which can quickly profit   (6) the best time to buy is in the stock price volume upward breakthrough, Bollinger line indicators open expansion   nbsp;3, the stock price fell below the Bollinger Bands stock price average for the sell signal band area in the horizontal direction of movement, and the stock price across the lower limit in succession, indicating that the stock price is weak, the future has a greater possibility of decline 
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