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How should I set a stop loss in forex investing

&nb forexrebatesbrokers; The necessity of stop forexbonusrebate volatility cashback forex unpredictability forex discount brokers the most fundamental feature of the market, which is the basis for the existence of the market, but also the reason for the risk generated in the transaction, which is an immutable feature forex trading in the never certainty, all the analysis and prediction is only a possibility, according to this possibility and the transaction is naturally uncertain, uncertain behavior must The uncertainty of the market creates the necessity and importance of the existence of stop-loss successful investors may have their own different ways of trading, but stop-loss is a common feature to ensure their success world investment guru Soros As Soros said, investment itself is not risky, out-of-control investment is risky learn to stop loss, never fall in love with a loss stop loss is far more important than profit, because at all times the preservation of capital is the first, profit is the second, the establishment of a reasonable stop-loss principle is quite effective, the core of the principle of prudent stop-loss is not to let the loss continue to expand why stop-loss is so difficult to understand the significance of stop-loss is important, however, it is not the final In fact, investors set a stop loss and did not implement examples abound in the market, the tragedy of being swept out of the door almost every day why stop loss is so difficult? There are three reasons: First, the psychology of luck some investors, although they know that the trend has broken, but because of too much hesitation, always want to take another look, wait a bit, resulting in their own missed stop-loss good time; second, the frequent price fluctuations will make investors hesitant, regular wrong stop loss will give investors a lingering memory, thus shaking investors next stop-loss determination; third, the implementation of the Stop loss is a painful thing, is a bloody process, is the challenge and test of human weakness In fact, each transaction we can not determine the right state or wrong state, even if the profit, we also have difficulty deciding whether to immediately exit or hold the wait and see, not to mention is in the state of the set human nature to pursue greedy instincts will make every investor is not willing to win a few points less, not willing to lose a few more Programmed stop loss is due to the above reasons, when the price reaches the stop-loss level, some investors are wrong, suffering from loss, stop-loss position changed again and again; some investors temporarily change their mind, counter-trend position, attempting to throw in the towel, in order to recover losses; some investors in the expansion of losses, simply take the ostrich policy, let it be in order to avoid these phenomena, I think you can take the programmed stop-loss strategy international The large financial exchanges usually provide stop-loss instructions traders can pre-set a price level, when the market price reaches this level, the stop-loss instructions immediately and automatically take effect while the domestic futures exchange currently does not have stop-loss instructions, but with the help of advanced trading tools, which is currently a simple and effective way to help investors strictly implement the stop-loss At present, some domestic trading systems can provide market price Stop-loss and stop-limit orders Market stop-loss is to send a stop-loss order at the market price as soon as the market price touches the preset stop-loss level; stop-limit is to send an order at the limit price as soon as the market price touches the preset stop-loss level Market stop-loss orders ensure the success of stop-loss, while stop-limit orders can avoid unnecessary losses when the price is not continuous, both have their advantages and disadvantages Usually, in This trading system helps investors to develop good stop-loss habits, thus avoiding risks in the market, minimizing losses, turning passivity into initiative, and becoming invincible in the futures market. In fact, in each transaction, we can not figure out whether the stop loss should be, if the stop loss is right may be happy, the stop loss is wrong, there will be not only the pain of reduced funds, but also a kind of pain of being fooled, the soul of the blow is the most unbearable pain for investors Therefore, understanding the stop loss is essentially how to correctly understand the wrong stop loss wrong stop loss we should also be open to accept, for example, a A simple example, if your stop loss in the transaction are correct, it means that each of your transactions are correct, and your transactions if they are correct, then why stop loss? Therefore, the stop loss is a cost, is the cost of looking for profit opportunities, is the price that must be paid for trading profit, this price is only the size of the difference, it is difficult to have the right or wrong, you want to profit, you must pay the price, including the price caused by the wrong stop loss frankly face the wrong stop loss, do not avoid, not to mention the fear, only then, to trade normally, and eventually profit, this is the authors understanding of the stop loss This is the authors understanding of the stop loss, including the understanding of the wrong stop loss should pay attention to the problem of its one, everything in advance is established, not in advance is invalid, all the stop loss must be set before entering the field to do futures investment, must develop a good habit is to set a good stop loss at the time of opening a position, and in the loss occurs and then consider the use of what the standard is often too late its two, stop loss to be combined with the trend trend there are three: up, down and consolidation in consolidation phase, the price in a range of stop-loss error probability to be large, therefore, the implementation of the stop loss to be combined with the trend in practice, I think the consolidation can be regarded as unreadable trend, investors can rest and recuperate its third, the choice of trading tools to grasp the stop-loss point which varies from person to person, can be averages, trend lines, patterns and other tools, but must be suitable for their own, do not because others use a good You will blindly use trading tools to determine the very important, and the ability to use trading tools will lead to completely different trading results In short, trading focus on sound trading strategies, of which money management can be seen as its core, and stop loss can be seen as the soul of money management but good money management, strict stop loss, in order to be a long flow of water, to become the markets winning general
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