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Free foreign exchange

Basic f cashback forexexdiscountbrokerstroduction Free forexrebatesbrokers forexbonusrebate, also known as freely convertible foreign exchange, spot foreign exchange, refers to the foreign exchange authorities do not need to approve can be freely converted into other national currencies, or can be paid to a third party for foreign currency forex discount brokers means of payment more than 50 kinds of currency in the world is freely convertible currency, including the main U.S. dollars, pounds, German marks, Japanese yen, Hong Kong dollars, Swiss francs, Singapore dollars, Canadian dollars The Australian dollar, the Danish krona, the Norwegian krona, the Swedish krona, the New Zealand dollar and other currencies, as well as the bills of exchange, cheques, stock bonds and other payment certificates and credit certificates expressed in these currencies, are free foreign exchange Conditions According to Article 8 of the IMF Agreement "General Obligations of Member Countries", a countrys currency becomes free foreign exchange, must comply with three conditions: 1, the countrys balance of payments in current transactions 1, the countrys balance of payments in current transactions (trade and non-trade payments) and the transfer of funds without restrictions 2, no discriminatory currency measures or multi-currency exchange rate 3, at the request of another Member State, at any time the obligation to repurchase the other partys current account transactions in the balance of the national currency Convertible currencies are widely used in international exchange settlements, in the international financial markets can be freely bought and sold, and unrestricted conversion to other countries In international trade, the import and export trade settled with these freely convertible currencies is called cash trade. Promoting the development of international economy and trade, the use of foreign exchange to settle international debts, not only can save the cost of cash delivery, reduce risk, shorten the payment time, accelerate the turnover of funds, more importantly, is the use of this credit instrument, can expand the international credit interaction, broaden the financing channels, and Promote the development of international trade and economy
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