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How to Choose a Sirius XM Radio Plan

If you are into your cars radio and you aren"t looking to pay for cable, satellite or satellite TV, you have plenty of options. One of them is Sirius XM. And, as you"d expect, you can listen to more than 300 channels at any given time. You can also download the app and watch SiriusXM on your TV. Plus, you get to listen to over 100 ad-free Xtra channels.

The first step is figuring out what you"re looking for. To do that, you"ll want to make a short list of your favorite shows. Once you"ve done so, you"ll want to start looking for a good streaming package. Ideally, you"ll need to choose a plan that"s got plenty of channels. Also, you"ll want to consider how many hours you can afford to spend listening to your favorite stations. A decent plan is around $40 per month. For more info, check out XM"s website or give them a call. They"ll be happy to help.

The next task is determining which of the hundreds of available channels is best for your listening preferences. In this case, you"ll probably want to avoid the most popular channels in favor of the more obscure ones. After that, you"ll want to consider the cost of your streaming plan and how much you"ll have to shell out for the rest of your service. It"s a good idea to consider a plan with a no-contract option as well. Besides, you can always change plans in the future.

Finally, you"ll want to take note of your new XM subscription"s expiration date. If you"re a recent subscriber, you may want to get your mitts on a renewal early.

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