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Forex trading essentials article Epitaph of a futures insider walking between heaven and hell

My epitaph: Th forexdiscountbrokers man entered the forexbonusrebate forex discount brokers at the age of 30 forexrebatesbrokers walked alone for decades between heaven and hell, thank God, please put aside this mans successes and failures, accept him, and rest his soul in peace! Forex, what are you good at? Never think that foreign exchange can make you rich overnight, he is actually more likely to make you die overnight The wonderful thing about foreign exchange investment is that ----- he cashback forex only makes you win wonderful, you can also make you lose wonderful In short, once you enter the foreign exchange, once you to foreign exchange for the company, is destined to this life is not dull old saying "men are afraid to choose the wrong line, women are afraid to choose the wrong man "The foreign exchange, you have to be careful this is not easy to enter the strange industry more than easy to get out on the surface, he does not need you to wind and rain, low down to beg people to socialize, but in fact, foreign exchange is a deep no edge, bitter no edge of the industry, perhaps you spend a lifetime can not contact his essence how many years, foreign exchange has not been People have loved friends get together and ask you what you do? Hold back half a day dare not say you are doing foreign exchange last Spring Festival, Taiwan uncle back to the mainland, in the friends and relatives to introduce my work almost did not gas me: "This is the second son-in-law, engaged in foreign exchange, sip white party" also do not blame him, in todays China how many know foreign exchange, and how many really know foreign exchange, will do foreign exchange more do not know how many people in the How many people have won money in the foreign exchange market? Even if there is a chance to win money, and in the blink of an eye, all lost! Foreign exchange investment is indeed wonderful, indeed cruel from the essence of it is just a business, but never ordinary business! Any investment has risk, but the risk of coming will not come so fast as foreign exchange, a real estate project investment cycle may take 3 years to know the results, but foreign exchange investment may take as long as 3 days to let the mystery revealed, the extreme time only need a few minutes you have died in terms of excitement, there is no industry like the foreign exchange market, within a year, will let you experience the legend of a lifetime! Perhaps the profession of doctor can be compared with the foreign exchange people, the morning delivery of a new life, and sent away to the morgue in the afternoon heaven and earth just a moment foreign exchange will make you very extreme, when you win you will feel like a genius, and when you lose you will feel like a fool no single time is very boring, a single time you are more anxious always want to see through tomorrow, but never see through in this market a day, you will A day can not be calm, always explore in the dark, in helplessness in the hope of forex people are very lonely, its pain and joy can not share with people to do the forex you can understand more deeply the meaning of victory and defeat, lifes helplessness, the worlds changing multifarious you can taste the "rolling Yangtze River, the waves panned out heroes, success and failure to turn head empty, the green hills are still in, a few degrees The sunset red" of the attitude of people and the vicissitudes of history to do foreign exchange again on the Yueyang Tower, you will re-experience "not to things, not to their own sadness" the mystery of a long time ago I have read the poetry of Chairman Mao, the old man wrote in his early 20s "Orange Island, see the mountains red The old mans greatest poem is not this one, but "Qin Yuan Chun Xue", when 300,000 Red Army after nearly 10,000 miles long march only 30,000 people left, almost the whole army destroyed, but the old man wrote "count the wind and stream of people, but also look at the present day". The old man wrote the amazing poem "The People of the World", which is not only the grandeur but also not only the bloodthirstiness to understand the vision and perspective of foreign exchange people, when your account from 300,000 to 30,000, you can still sing the song of victory, but also said to fix the banker, this is a kind of person what kind of verve what kind of breadth of mind what kind of steel nerves what kind of profound vision! What other opponents in this world can bring you down? Therefore, the foreign exchange peoples teeth always bite tighter than others, the heart of the expectation is always more than others, the work time is always longer than others, the hair is always gray than others, the heart function is always better than others foreign exchange people do not make too much fantasy about the future world, absolutely tolerate and look down on different opinions, they are most concerned about their accounts, because all the views and opinions finally to become profit and loss foreign exchange may be A way of life, to do a little foreign exchange, you can understand the world from another perspective of the vast, from another perspective to understand the wonderful life, from another perspective to understand your own pounds foreign exchange market winners, is the winner of life, the success or failure of the foreign exchange market, about the character of success or failure of foreign exchange investment, rather than technology, rather than art, rather than gambling, rather than fighting, rather than doing the plate, rather than being a person Each single reflects the color of human nature, the character of the noble success depends on what? There is a saying that there are five elements of success in a persons life: fate, luck, feng shui, for good, learning in these five factors, the first three you can not change, your birth, your gender, your location and your destiny to meet people in different stages of life you can not change through their own efforts, but the last two can be changed good to yourself, good to others, good to success, good to failure, good to the The past, good to today, good to everything, we can do better learning is a necessary factor for success What is a good person? Laozi said: "good as water, water is good for all things and do not compete, in the case of peoples evil, so a few in the road to live in a good place, the heart of good abyss, and good kindness, good faith, good governance, good things can, move good time only do not compete, so there is no special" in front of the profound traditional culture we are almost ignorant to fully understand this sentence may take a lifetime, and do It is almost impossible to be a saint! Water at the evil of people, the benefit of all things and do not compete, the road is carried on! In Shanghai I met a 30-year-old woman, selling antique furniture, an identical imitation of the late Qing Dynasty eight immortal table, next door to sell 15,000, she offered me 8000, asked why, the answer is: this table I bought 7000, sell you 8000, I earn 1000, I do not expect to make money on this table in this life, I want to earn a lifetime of money many people care very much about the profit of each table I dont know if she is dumping at a low price, but this sentence does have a study, the road to simplicity, the market place, there are so subtle people, how not to let people be afraid of the foreign exchange market makes people feel that the world is new every day, no day the market is the same, ten years of foreign exchange career makes people feel that they have been walking at night, tomorrow the sun rises after not knowing our I dont know if the old comrades who have been doing foreign exchange for ten years are very successful and rich, especially if their success and richness is not from the plate, but in the spirit they must be rich my ten years of foreign exchange history if the money to measure the words very failure with A metaphor I do not know if it is appropriate: I was following the Red Army all the way from Jiangxi, went to Wajao Fort is a soldier, even a squad leader did not mix on often in the dead of night when asking themselves: failure of people have their own reason for failure, people say ten years to sharpen a key sword, why you ten years can not grind a kitchen knife? An old goblin of the foreign exchange market, an old friend said an example, he said I read a book, the book said why people will succeed, and why will fail, because everyone originally had a disease, successful people will be cured, failure of people not cured pushed in the foreign exchange investment, failure of people are patients, character disease, behavior disease, habit disease, thinking disease, only healthy people will be in Foreign exchange to win money, will succeed shallow but not lose the subtlety of many problems, only in the unremitting persistence and learning process to overcome one by one my failure, from not enough effort, not enough luck forex peoples life, is destined to be a constant effort, constant persistence, constant learning life, and this effort, persistence and learning may not necessarily make you a lifetime success, perhaps to the graveyard of life, you are still a loser! Just like the athlete who trained hard for 20 years, never stood on the top podium, regret but no need to regret, life is so treat yourself, you must learn to treat your successes and failures, treat your efforts and pay foreign exchange investment, nothing more than a win or a loss, people live a life, that is, for a win or a loss, in the fight for a win or a loss, the purpose of the war is to seek a wealth and glory for more interests of the king, the country The purpose of the war is to more the interests of the king, the country, the interests of the group as officials or business, is not to win a word? Essentially, the foreign exchange market is a kind of battlefield without smoke and mirrors, just no flesh and blood, its cruelty is no less than war, drunkenly picking a lamp to see the sword, dreaming of blowing the horn even camp, nowhere to find smoke and mirrors, laughing, the kingdom has been determined each round of the foreign exchange market will eliminate countless brothers, including the main dealer, only a very small number of big win into the foreign exchange market must be to win, just as the war is to win! Like the general is what? The general must be a soldier oil, decades of thousands of births and deaths, gunfire, wounds, to create a general general became famous, ten thousand bones into the dry foreign exchange market as painted, but the heroes folded! What is the standard of foreign exchange investment master? A round of quotes win or lose does not explain any problem how many years in a row are winning, stable win is the right way to win the foreign exchange market, is a winner in life, the success or failure of the foreign exchange market, about life success or failure life is nothing but the word win or lose, but people should learn to treat win or lose other industries will not give you so many opportunities in a limited life to experience too much success and failure, only foreign exchange can let you experience in the decades of life experience So many peaks and valleys, so that you have so many opportunities to learn how to treat success and failure, how to treat your own life struggle, foreign exchange may be the best stage
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