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Forex gold trading technical analysis of Japanese candlestick chart use of the hammer line and hanging hammer line

learn to see the candlestick forexrebatesbrokers (K forexdiscountbrokers chart) forexbonusrebate the most basic conditions of foreign exchange gold trading, this article prepared specifically for the beginners of foreign exchange gold trading some common K line chart judgment cashback forex skills K line chart (also known as candlestick chart), in order to meet the needs of different trading cycles, K line chart can be subdivided into: 1 minute K line chart, 5 minutes K K-line chart, 15-minute K-line chart, and even daily K-line chart, monthly K-line chart, etc. Forex gold trading is basically 1 minute or 5 minutes of short-term K-line chart, but the basic principle is the same, is when the exchange rate in the pressure and support level to form a standard signal, this is the best time to enter the profit Forex gold short term trading standard signal 1 - forex discount brokers line hammer line if the appearance of the support level in the exchange rate is obvious Reversal signals need to pay attention to the hammer lead at least twice as large as the candle body, the longer the lower lead of the hammer, the higher the chances of reversal hammer lead long means that the resistance between the long and short, the exchange rate on the way down by a force to push up so, must remember that only in the place of the support level hammer can buy up hammer example: forex gold short term trading standard signal 2-hanging hammer line hanging hammer and hammer Exactly the opposite, that is, when in the exchange rate rose to the pressure level, if the formation of a hanging hammer, that is the time to enter the market to buy down! Like the hammer, the lead must be more than twice as accurate as the candle body! Overall, no matter where we see a hammer or a sling hammer, the location is where we should first consider the problem, only at the support or pressure level when it is possible to be a reversal signal sling hammer chart example: Standard Signal 3 - Inside the package in the process of rising or falling encountered inside the package, is also a very good reversal signal inside the package is a long line of positive candles wrapped around a short line of negative candles (or a long negative candle wrapped around a short positive candle ), usually in a rising or falling process can not continue and the signal should be noted that try to find the lead short packet, which is the best without the lead! Example of an inside pack.
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