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Foreign exchange trading save your 6 magic weapons

fo forexbonusrebateex academy, cashback forex are only responsible for giv forexrebatesbrokersg you chicken soup fear forex discount brokers greed, is our forexdiscountbrokers process The two emotions and psychology that will always be experienced when you take real money to kill the foreign exchange or futures market, have you ever had such an experience? When the price matches your forecast, you become extremely excited and watch your account float from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, you want to both close the position and continue to wait for more profits Finally, the mouse still clicked to close the position A few hours later, you began to chagrin will not, because the price continued to move in the direction you expected and broke your original take profit level Another situation, when the price does not meet your expected movement, you are not in Are you stewing, moving your stop loss, praying in your heart, or even sweating on your forehead? When the price is about to hit the stop-loss level, the heart often holds a fluke, thinking that it will soon rebound or retrace the fact that this is the gamblers mentality How to get traders to the state of Zen, it is very important 1. Psychological therefore, before taking your hard-earned money risk to do trading, you need to spend some time to learn the trading platform, trading system, experience, confidence, first to make money on the demo trading 2. develop a trading plan trading practice, there may be many scattered plans flashing in your head, but did not form a complete set of sure plan only put into practice, can be called a plan so, you must do something The key to everything is that you have to make a plan and put it into action at least when you can not continue to implement the plan, you know very well what you are not doing, after that it is convenient to identify the problem and solve the problem 3. This self-improvement will allow you to improve the level of trading in the trading, you can carry a clear sense of what is important, your expectations and focus on what, rather than constantly staring at the K-line chart so that you have a correct attitude towards life and trading, in order to have an intentional life 4. Accept failure, embrace failure this is an important skill in your trading career 5. calm treatment of profits in general to make money who can not resist the inner turmoil, think they have been able to cross the foreign exchange market, galloping field we find many traders, have this mentality: making money can be so simple to do the right thing, the market is naturally on your side, the profits are also in the bag; on the contrary, you will find yourself how Stop overtrading we have to keep trying until we succeed, for example: if you want to learn to use a tool, you have to keep practicing and keep repeating until your body and your consciousness keep this skill in mind but trading is a little different because psychology has a big influence in trading when things go bad, we try to correct mistakes and it causes overtrading keep trying and yet keep failing you You have to be aware of this behavior, especially if you are a scalper or day trader. When trading intraday, you may set 3-4 stop-loss orders so that when things go bad, you can immediately stop and exit the trade. When we have a winning streak, we are in a good mood and energetic; when we have sustained losses, we become frustrated and downhearted Perhaps, at this time, you need to rethink yourself in accordance with the above 6 principles 
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