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Foreign exchange trading market analysis of the core issues

foreign cashback forex trading there are many important factors to consider, of which the analys forexbonusrebate of the forex discount brokers can be said to be the focus of the focus, because if we can not grasp the market forexrebatesbrokers then the so-called correct trading is not based on it But the core of the market analysis in the end where the performance In fact, the core of the market analysis in foreign exchange trading is to identify the market trend, that is, to identify the general direction of market operation (tendency) forexdiscountbrokers the strength of the leading this general direction (potential) So how to identify this trend? The general direction of market operation (tendency) and the strength of the dominant direction (potential) So how to identify this trend it First: to see the macroeconomic side, although we often find that market trends and macroeconomic time lags and deviations Forex trading should never be an isolated activity, even if the market performance and macroeconomic is deviated, but there is also an inextricable link between them, which can not be ignored  Second: foreign exchange transactions to look at government policy, the market, the market is running, the objective direction of its operation, objective posture and objective characteristics, etc., all the time silently in telling us the answer to the market trend but the governments policy to a certain extent affects the direction of economic development and the psychology of a certain number of investors Third: foreign exchange trading up is up, down is The long market is easy to make money, the short market is easy to accompany the money, these ordinary real objective real feelings, in the description of the more essential market conditions Foreign exchange trading on the market judgment is not so simple, investors can choose a certain way to analyze the specific analysis work, but no matter what kind of strategy combination do not just believe or rely on one of the factors Speculation in foreign exchange The significance of identifying the market trend for the operation of the speculation of foreign exchange on the trend of the judgment is very important aspect, the correct judgment of the trend for the transaction has important tips meaning, and is important for the development of trading decisions Speculation of foreign exchange to identify the market trend of our operation is to be able to guide the direction and size of the positions we have built with the direction of the general trend of the position, relatively easy to profit, the position can be larger, hold a little longer The time can also be a little longer, and the direction of the general trend is not consistent with the position, the volume should be smaller, the holding time should also be shorter, and even, speculation in foreign exchange sometimes despite the expected market fluctuations of a certain counter-trend, can also be abandoned, because, in the speculative market, once the counter-trend operation and not corrected in a timely manner, the consequences are unthinkable Speculation in foreign exchange for the trend of the core is how the correct market trend for More accurate analysis but the premise is that any analysis is based on the current market to make rather than baseless predictions of the future, because the future is unpredictable
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