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Foreign exchange trading in the forbearance and determination

The face of the daily r forexdiscountbrokerse forex discount brokers fall of the exchange rate, the face of the daily opportunities of large and small, each investor is trying to capture as much profit as possible, but the result is that the cashback forex provides unlimited opportunities and the actual gains between investors, there is always a huge gap, let people lament the creation of people, the simple word up and down, how many heroes bend profits everywhere, profits and seem to Nowhere to be found, we can not help but think: for an investor, the source of profit where exactly? Perhaps we can give some answers from the method, operation, human nature and philosophy of several perspectives From the simplest and most direct method level, as I said in the last discipline and freedom of relationship, stable profits from the forexbonusrebate of buying and selling, the so-called rules of buying and selling is a clear set of buying and selling signals, supplemented by capital management and risk control in the foreign exchange market such an extremely free speculation The only thing that can tell us what we can do and should do at the same time, what we can do and should not do is to follow the rules of certainty, stable profits can be expected, otherwise, the profit with chance, and loss with inevitability However, most people are most likely to make the mistake of believing their own feelings, or superstitious someone, or listen to the rumors circulating in the community From this perspective, if an investor has not yet established his own rules of buying and selling, then the effort to chase profits is still the obsession of Sisyphus. My answer was: by the rules From the operational level, stable profits come from the strict implementation of the rules of speculation after the initial stage of no rules, survivors generally established certain rules, whether the rules based on stable profits, on the one hand, depends on the quality of the rules, on the other hand, depends on the strict implementation of the rules However, in this stage, people often try to act smarter than they are The status of rules evolves from a profit-making tool to an ornament, and investors are more inclined to deny the rules and abandon them than to believe in and enforce them, thus having to give up stable profits in a struggle of egos. From the most difficult to control level of human nature, stable profits ultimately come from a series of good character, or stable behavioral habits most importantly The most important speculative character includes patience, determination and the virtue of honesty. The idiom of "small intolerance is chaotic" and "when the decision is unceasing, it will be chaos," says the importance of patience and determination in the face of market temptations, the lack of patience and determination is often the root cause of the opposite of profit. Facing the rise and fall of the market and the resulting change of mind, to face the world with an honest face, so as to obtain inner peace, to face the restless market with a calm mind From the philosophical level, stable profits represent a certainty, and the foreign exchange speculative market is full of uncertainty, how to find certainty from uncertainty? In a nutshell, certainty can only come from certainty, we can not influence the market, so that the market to eliminate uncertainty, we can only control their own behavior, in a market full of uncertainty, to determine the rules, determine the implementation and determine the habits of behavior, chasing certain profits when our eyes back to the market, a wave of a thousand points of medium-term opportunities have quietly descended on the decisive just in time!
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