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Foreign exchange single method

method one: macd indicator, gold fork forexbonusrebate cashback forex, dead fork do short; divided into two: one forex discount brokers the zero axis above the gold fork, the role of forexdiscountbrokers gold fork is very obvious, you can rest assured to do more; one is the zero axis below the overbought area, this gold fork should be treated differently, do two kinds of intention, may want to rise, may also be a small pullback, low good stop loss, the market reversal and then can chase single dead fork opposite the same! Method two: three rushes forexrebatesbrokers not broken to do short; three rushes low not broken to do more this method to do short term look at the hourly chart and four-hour chart are available, three consecutive rushes high are not broken, then you can choose to enter at the high point, stop loss on the high point can be above; there is a situation is not a continuous three rushes high, but apart from the two three K lines of this rushes high is more effective! With macd indicator to do better! That is, the indicator dead fork, there is a rush high does not break, then your chances of winning are relatively large! Method three: the morning star to do more, the twilight star to do short; this we all know, but I stress the point is that after the formation of the cross at the top, and still the long upper shadow line of this, then you can enter directly at the high point! There is no need to wait for the formation of the twilight star, the formation of the reversal may be possible, of course, stop loss is less! Method four, the bottom three stars to do more, the top three stars to do short; this situation is similar to method two, but this is particularly obvious, is the K-line collection of three consecutive crosses, and this time the chance of reversal is great! Method five: break through the former high to do more, break through the former low to do short: in the above case, the stop loss was swept, is the opportunity for everyone to chase a single, which is called a breakthrough chase single! Method six: the average crossing method: a line through two lines, short-term average (5, 13) across the long-term average (30, 60), up through to do more, down through to do short, method seven: hanging single method in some high data, the volatility is unusually intense, it is too late to point single, then this time hanging single is a good choice, of course, high hanging more, low hanging empty, separated from the market price of 20 points, stop loss of 15 points, hanging on the trailing stop loss 15 points, of course, what data to pick, and not all data work! This will have to slowly figure out!
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