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Foreign exchange large capital manipulation framework analysis concept strategy capital management and risk control

the large-scale rise of foreign exchange trad forexbonusrebateg, is the inevitable result of Chinas financial towards specialization forex discount brokers globalization almost all retail investors and asset management institutions, are turning their vision to the global market foreign exchange as one of the main varieties of foreign exchange cashback forex, won the favor of all kinds of funds Huishang Langya list small editor today set out a special article, from the asset management From the perspective of asset management, and we discuss together about how investment institutions to build a large forexrebatesbrokers manipulation framework Forex large capital manipulation beliefs and ideas In view of Chinas foreign exchange quota and related laws and regulations restrictions, domestic brokerage firms, futures companies and public and private equity funds and other market mainstay institutions, and not the current foreign exchange market is the main participants of various investment companies and private manipulation team, constituting a Small and medium-sized trading team as the main body, to 1 million U.S. dollars scale capital for the pivot of the main force of foreign exchange trading, the source of funds mainly to the main customers, which is similar to the state of private sunlight before it can be considered that this is the reckless era of foreign exchange manipulation, but we need to face up to its existence In the foreign exchange investment procedures and processes are not legally effective protection, foreign exchange large capital manipulation must Have the right ideas and beliefs in order to protect the interests of investors, while not touching the bottom line of the law Beliefs When large funds from the customer account, the manipulation team must be highly aware of the risks of foreign exchange trading, does not allow any fluke only when the interests of investors above all else, down-to-earth to do the account net worth as a priority principle, it is It is possible to avoid the gray trading behavior of investment institutions and short-term speculative psychology to protect investors, that is, to protect the interests of their own customers for the highest faith in investment career, an institution determined to fight the market for a long time, must always hold such beliefs ideas The foreign exchange market is changing, chaotic flowers, opportunities and risks are everywhere the right concept, from the rational understanding of themselves and the market The markets rational understanding of the benefits and risks are always proportional, fluke behavior can only be taught by the market, reasonable planning, discipline, implementation, review are required to good ideas For million manipulation funds, the exchange business Langya list of small recommended annualized return target set between 20% and 45%, the maximum retracement set for the principal retracement 5%, profit retracement 15% Foreign exchange large capital The three main strategies of manipulation: trend, swing, high frequency Large capital manipulation, must be developed in the direction of specialization, the overall investment logic is built on prior projection, multi-species, multi- forexdiscountbrokers, quantitative trading is the way to go for the trading team of the Exchange Business Langya, we proposed quantitative trading three major strategies: trend, swing, high frequency, each set of large strategy below, are constantly developing alternative 20 to 30 sets of simulation strategy, in the test of the market to go to the small capital repeatedly simulated trial run, most of the strategies have been achieved EA programmed really into the real strategy, no more than 10 sets, allocated to several major direct varieties, such as Europe and the United States, the pound U.S., Australia and the United States, the United States and Japan at the same time also allocated to different strategy cycle, from 30 minutes to 4H, D level, are using different quantitative strategies In the three major strategies Trending strategy suitable for manual judgment, so trading in the form of team strategy meeting collective research and judgment, the trending strategy accounted for 40% of the total trading weighting large trends in excessive returns often bring large retracement, investors will not accept this reality, we need to add multi-strategy in the trend to lubricate the net value curve In order to smooth the curve, we added swing and high-frequency trading in the trending strategy. Make the trend of fluctuations more gentle, to prevent large ups and downs Strategy laboratory mechanism Core points: 1, all strategies must go through from the theory to the project, to the manual trial / EA programmed, to the simulation disk, small-scale real trial run, small and medium-scale real trial run, risk control committee review, in order to enter the customer funds used in the real In this process, to Generate detailed engineering strategy experimental documents, accurate entry and exit strategy description, position ratios and capital gains retracement model verification, small-scale real-world backtest, small and medium-scale real-world trial run report, risk control report and a series of documents is not a bit complicated? Complicated in order to think clearly about many things, standardized, replicable, institutionalized trading strategy into the mechanism of real-world application as mentioned above, from the strategy laboratory to develop multiple sets of alternate strategies, from theoretical research to the project to EA programmed writing, to simulation, small, medium-sized real-world verification, to pass the risk control audit, and finally put into the customer large-scale capital real-world, need After multiple cycles, multiple steps, multiple audits, multiple assessments Specifically, the standardized large capital manipulation team, will be developed for the new strategy, into the simulation pool test, all the main operating varieties to review, assess the new strategy in the past history of retracement and net performance only after up to six months later after the simulation disk trial run, will be a comprehensive assessment, and gradually use different levels The actual capital test, and based on the actual results, gradually through the layers of evaluation and review, into the customers large capital trading on the operation of the strategy, but also consider the interaction and conflict between different strategies single strategy trial run effect in the case of multi-strategy coexistence, will occur exclusion and resonance, which requires continuous adjustment of parameters and position ratios, smooth curve state no set of strategies The strategy can be a complete response to all market cycle fluctuations, some strategies will fail or distortion at this time need to remove the strategy from the actual running strategy pool to the alternative strategy pool in the simulation pool to adjust the observation effect, change the strategy running cycle, and constantly iterate to improve until the market returns to normal, and then restore it to the actual strategy pool The core elements of foreign exchange large capital manipulation: capital management In the leveraged The core of the trading market is not the strategy, but the capital management good strategy, with the wrong way of capital management, there will be a total collapse big money team need to put the core focus on capital management, care about the core indicators of risk control: earnings, retracement rate, integrated position, single species position, potential losses For foreign exchange big money trading team, capital management is always The core of the overwhelming, money management in the position management is the core of the core grasp this point, the foreign exchange business Langya list of small believe wandering in the foreign exchange rivers and lakes trading team, will certainly be able to achieve solid profits and less risk The general implementation mechanism of the money management For example, our trading team through the money management system for the regular operation of the variety pool of routine monitoring After the evaluation, we will carry out position allocation through the self-developed capital management system. Different varieties run in different time zones and will issue different support and resistance signals. automatically adjust the position ratios according to the trading signals, to achieve the automatic optimization of risk and return management Our trading team in Hui Shang Luang Pang independently developed the capital management system, combined with years of practical experience in stock and foreign exchange trading, and after continuous thinking and improvement, the core idea is: integrated multi-strategy + different varieties + different cycles + different positions of the dynamic optimization of the configuration, to achieve the product net value curve and risk control stability This is not a general stop-loss linear strategy, but a comprehensive set of foreign exchange multi-temporal multi-species operating interval chart, dynamic with position capital management and multi-trading strategy we use rocket launch as an image analogy, when the rocket is launched into the air, at different heights, need to release the first and second rocket, to match the power system of rocket lift-off Capital management and risk control are closely related Capital management and risk control are closely related  Management and risk control are closely related proportional to good money management, ultimately to control the net value of the retracement of the magnitude of the primary goal we take 45% stable annualized return, as a senior futures and foreign exchange trading teams annual profit target, to make some projections first four months, the capital safety cushion management: first make 10% of the net performance safety cushion Hui Shang Langya The list of small suggestions, in the large capital real operation stage, first of all, to establish the goal of the capital safety cushion with a sound strategy and capital management, to four months to make more than 10% of the capital safety cushion, the party can consider further profitability things In the safety cushion casting stage, do not allow the principal to appear more than 5% retraction plate profit retraction also needs to be strictly controlled within 3% through the prudent small Micro operation, the safety cushion earnings pushed up to more than 10% the middle five months, smooth running phase: the earnings pushed up to 30% of the net value on the basis of 10% safety cushion, increase the trading volume level, while amplifying the intraday retracement amplify to 5% as a way to securely push up the earnings from 10% to 30% time for five months the second three months, accelerated running phase. Push the earnings up to 45% In the first nine months, to achieve a steady return of 30%, a years time left three months our goal is to achieve the final 15% return with the previous 30% as a backstop, you can further increase the trading volume level, while amplifying the magnitude of the intraday retracement to 10%, so as to achieve more rapid profits retracement does not mean the inevitable risk, but in the stability of the exposure The larger the case, bring necessarily better returns 45% of the annual return target, for most levels of upstream forex trading team, can achieve a reasonable balance of risk and return ratios, but also to meet the expectations of customers and various partners too high and too low returns, are not suitable shrinkage is the biggest risk manipulation scale is large, manipulation The team is prone to shrinkage at this time we need to understand a truth: do not dare to risk, is the biggest risk, low risk means low return, medium risk means medium return, high risk means high return so, do not dare to risk is the biggest risk, take 15% of the risk, in fact, is not particularly large, a good trading team can achieve 20% of the risk-free income and 45% of the low-risk income  Trading requires planning, from beliefs, ideas to strategies, to capital management, to the refinement of stage earnings, but also requires a strong drive to overcome fears
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