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What Hours Can I Trade Forex on IG?

You might wonder what hours can I trade forex on IG. Here are some answers to that question. IG offers both proprietary platforms and MetaTrader 4, the go-to platform for most forex traders. IG also offers a wide selection of instruments, including exotic currency pairs like the GBP/MXN. IG also offers expert advisors and custom indicators, but those of you who live in the United States will need to work outside of these hours.

The spreads on IG are competitive and they never fill your order below the price you request. They also automatically adjust for market fluctuations that can occur in milliseconds. If you trade outside of the market hours, you ll pay more for your spreads and indices. The fees for IG are detailed in their fees section. For example, the U.S. 500 spread can rise from 0.4 pips during trading hours to as high as 0.9 pips after CME and NYSE closing hours.

The platform also offers excellent educational resources and support for new and advanced traders. It is available globally but the products and services may differ according to your location. Non-UK or EU traders may not have access to the protections of the UK and EU. However, IG s trading platform is available to all clients regardless of their location, and IG is an established, regulated multi-asset broker.

IG has a robust customer support system. You can contact them via live chat, social media, email, or by phone. You can also visit their website to get more information. There are also many IG community forums where you can find tips and tricks. You can post your trading strategies and ask questions from other users. If you want to learn more about trading on IG, go for it! You won t regret it!

IG does charge high fees for stock CFDs and forex, and it cannot be considered a discount broker. However, it s worth considering the active trader pricing offered through Forex Direct accounts. In addition, IG offers scalable execution across all products. Although IG s spreads aren t the lowest, they are closer to the industry average for the next two years. On average, it takes 0.4 points or 0.6 pips per trade.

You can check the IG website for updates on their educational resources, including webinars and market signals. The IG website also offers a free online forex news website, called DailyFX. IG s educational tools are more comprehensive than those offered by the DailyFX Forex University. If you re still new to trading on the IG platform, you can check out IG s live webinars.

IG offers weekend trading on the GBP/USD currency pair. Weekend trading hours are from 5am Saturday until 9.40pm Sunday. Any positions left open past 9.40pm Sunday will roll over to the next trading day, when markets open at 10pm. These hours are ideal for practicing your trading style before investing real money. Just remember that the liquidity of the forex market will vary depending on the time of day and whether there is overlap in the trading sessions.

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