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Foreign exchange investment hedge

We all know that forexdiscountbrokers forex d forexbonusrebatecount brokers cashback forex forexrebatesbrokers, the primary reason is the foreign exchange price variables are too many, easy to affect the trend of foreign exchange but these external risks may not be the biggest risk faced by foreign exchange investors On the contrary, some people believe that the biggest enemy in investment is actually the investor himself when the risk comes, some investors can peacefully avoid it, some are heavy losses will cause very different results This is because there is another side of the risk in foreign exchange investment, that is, from the investors own risk can not be reasonably hedged, artificially magnified risk, which is the biggest risk faced by investors! Foreign exchange trading from the investors risk is mainly two aspects: one is the risk of capital planning, the second is the risk of trading mentality we prevent the risk of foreign exchange investment, should start from these aspects a, to avoid blindly enter the market some investors have never seriously and systematically studied the theoretical skills of investment, nor after any simulation exercises, even the minimum foreign exchange basics do not understand, they rashly enter the foreign exchange market, to participate in the investment. Participate in the investment, which will easily lead to the rapid devaluation of its capital account So, investors must fully grasp the risk control and trading rules of the relevant knowledge before entering the market, to use their own analysis and insights to judge the trend of the exchange rate, and then guide their own investment direction, not the clouds, blindly follow the trend two, good psychological off foreign exchange investment technology is good to learn, psychological off difficult in the foreign exchange market transactions, the human Therefore, investors must strictly enforce the investment plan, not because of greed or to have a lucky break and violate the rules they set three, adhere to the stop loss first foreign exchange investment, stop loss is the most effective means of risk control excellent traders success does not lie in how to analyze the market but in how to govern the funds in the development of the plan, although it needs to consider many key factors, but the core issue is always in what circumstances to exit the transaction once the profit target is reached, of course, we should choose to exit the transaction four, to learn to wait and patience foreign exchange market vagaries, the trend of the exchange rate is not always as expected this is the time to test the patience of investors, must be strictly in accordance with the original operating plan to act, do not buy and sell frequently investors should learn to be patient and have trade-offs
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