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Foreign exchange fraud prevention uncover the recruitment of foreign exchange trader foreign exchange trader scammer

With the development of the times, the foreign exchange cashback forexdustry continues to grow, peoples dem forexdiscountbrokers for investment and financial management forexbonusrebate also getting stronger, many investors began to enter the foreign exchange industry foreign exchange reflects the value of national currencies, its main role in hedging the value of commodity imports and exports in China because of the system and national conditions, the foreign exchange market in China is subject to control The majority of forex trading platforms on the market are third-party platforms, which belong to the rubbish and are forexrebatesbrokers formal, so there are some unscrupulous elements who take advantage of the opportunity to make waves and make many things that bring shame to the forex industry, so that investors in forex investment interests are damaged today we follow the editor to understand some of the common traps high salary, beauty, traps, college students forex trading first experience forex discount brokers I studied in an ordinary second university, specializing in financial engineering in order to get some work experience before graduation, I tried securities, banks, insurance companies internships but the financial industry are very important resources, every time I was asked dad speculation or not, relatives have no money they sent me to do unfamiliar market unfamiliar market is really difficult to do, the salary is also relatively low, so I am not very satisfied once, I happened to see A recruitment information: foreign exchange trader, low-level base salary of 6,000, intermediate 8,000, senior 10,000 this salary is really too high for me and then look at the requirements, anyone can be trained to join I never thought there was such a good job but high wages and low requirements, either a scam or a dream I still voted for the resume I told myself, be careful is excited to apply for a resume the next day, I received a phone call to inform the interview A vote on, I was more alert, but still a little excited, after all, the minimum base salary is also six thousand, have to prepare for the interview during college, I learned foreign exchange trading practical training teacher to do a simulation of the software, my results are quite good out of the textbook and computer, what I have learned quickly came to mind I also took time to read some interview skills, such as how to politely say that I am very powerful company in the city center of a building I think the scammers should not be so rampant, dare to do things in the city center to the 21st floor, to enter the company, a little excited, I do not know if I can see a lot of traders crackling operation into the company only see a receptionist here, the computer is only four or empty nobody use today is Wednesday, 9 to 5 now is the The time of work, actually a trader are not, very much like a scam but since I came, the interview or have to go to the receptionist took me to the general managers room, the general manager is very young, eyebrows like a picture, beautiful as a flower anyway, I was the first time I saw such a young and beautiful general manager she looked at me and said: please sit down, briefly introduce yourself I have long been prepared to recite the self-introduction before you have contact with foreign exchange? The general manager asked in the university studied foreign exchange, the teacher took us to do a simulation, I am very interested, I hope to become a qualified foreign exchange trader through a lot of training that you can do live trading directly? I listened to a little excited, if I directly let me do live, that this company will not be a fraudulent company but let me directly do live, I am a little false (worried), after all, before doing only a simulation of the companys direct live trader requirements will be higher, the newcomer through training, qualified to be on board I am more vigilant, to confirm that the training does not charge, the heart down I also learned that the training period the company will daily I also learned that during the training period, the company will have a daily allowance of 100 yuan, but the money to wait for the trader to get the first months salary before settlement, but the biggest doubt in my mind has not been solved how the company did not see the trader at work inside it? I asked the general manager told me that the trader through training, each month only need to bring trading orders to the company can be, does not need to sit in the class actually have this kind of thing? High pay, do not have to come to work, free time I immediately decided to accept the training and the general manager said goodbye, I fluttered out of the imposing building training day after the interview, I nervously waiting I thought, in case I did not perform well, others look down on me how to do? Or I said that the performance is too much, others resent me, do not want me, how to do? I spent the whole day in worry Finally in the evening, I received a text message from the company, informing me to bring a good pen and paper to attend the training I was very excited base salary of six thousand, free time I hope I successfully passed the training Day1 Thursday, I left early in the morning always have to leave a good impression into the company, I saw only the receptionist there, sure enough I was the first receptionist took me to a conference room, the big screen is playing a short film of Wall Street to participate in Training of newcomers arrived early, only the first row has a position really bullying my school is far away ah exactly, I like the first row, the first row and the computer it training teacher is a middle-aged old man, speaking a standard Beijing dialect, although balding, still looks very spiritual teacher is the director of this branch, said we can usually call him Zhou director I looked at his chest work card, the director of the education department big companies are not The same, there is a special education department students to introduce themselves one by one, one is I am not ready, a little stuttering who knows training also need to introduce themselves but fortunately, when I said I want to become a real trader, I feel very powerful turn to the back of the students to introduce themselves what? Waiter? Dont know anything about it? Want to challenge yourself? Admire admire admire then behind is actually two soldiers, there are selling jewelry, open online store, awesome awesome is really anyone can ah! I immediately felt the victory, these people can not compare, the university is not a waste of time to read everyone after the introduction, the director began to class securities analysis in general what methods ah? The teacher asked the conference room silent, I performed the time to the director, is technical analysis and fundamental analysis and it? The director asked en? And? The teacher did not say when the school class ah I could not answer the director kindly said, is the psychological analysis like Soros, Warren Buffett, their control of the situation has long been the pinnacle, when to do what have their own sense of master often do not use indicators, rely on the plate feel the order, the return is also very high really a wake-up call, ah, so there is such a powerful method, really outside the school can learn not to learn After the knowledge of the director and spoke of the changes in the world financial system and the basis of foreign exchange, speaking of the teacher than the school much deeper I feel rewarded to noon, the director of the teacher to us, every four students a teacher I am Mr. Wang with Mr. Wang with gold-rimmed glasses, very handsome afternoon for Mr. Zhou to teach us K-line Mr. Zhou looks very honest, talk slowly, feel nothing can make him anxious Mr. Zhou first speak K-line sources, to be honest I really do not know K-line is initially a Japanese rice merchants used to observe the price of rice used then talk about K-line patterns, previously learned, when the consolidation of knowledge the most interesting is to review the Zhou teacher found a lot of K-line pattern analysis do not say, really accurate Zhou teacher also said that this is the most basic, there are some indicators like the average, MACD, knife edge what I listened to it is excited about the basic are so powerful, those indicators are not to turn the sky, what blade sounds very high training end, the teacher told us how to download the software, left a homework assignment, told us to find the K-line patterns learned today back to school, I immediately installed the companys recommended software, I opened the school teacher recommended software, fluctuations are the same I put aside the last concerns, and began to do homework homework is very simple, WeChat sent over, the teacher sent three large, and the teacher sent a message to the teacher. Not long after the teacher sent three thumbs up emoji Day2 the next day, I woke up earlier, the first to the conference room today to come to a few less people, the girl sitting on my right yesterday did not come it seems that some people know the difficulty of retreat I am still a little happy today is a female teacher, surnamed Li, more than forty years old, speaks big-hearted Li teacher came to say that she is straight nature, stocks and funds have done, and finally chose the foreign exchange good ah The old journeyman she gave us the use of averages, teach us a three-line model, the 5-day line, 13-day line and 144-day line, said by the five lines off the long line to see the trend, the short term to find a buying and selling point, the golden fork to do more, dead fork to do short Lee stressed that the model is simple and violent afternoon by the teacher Zhang taught us the specific use of the software I have to say that although the teacher Zhang has a long face, but really beautiful, a bit like Shao Han Zhang said, "Im not going to be a good teacher. A bit like Zhang Shaohan Zhang teacher said: the morning learned the first model, the evening back to review, then review how to do it, I write down you guys remember ah, do not come down and ask how simple this, I did not care about her I used the computer to register a demo account, start to look at the three lines do not say, but also really spiritual, the first one earned although not much, at least that this method is effective I was previously bought according to the feeling, the order is always not Then did a few strokes, are a small profit before my eyes are going to bubble gold flowers so simple, six thousand wages to take a definite ah this time, Mr. Zhang gave us a copy of the table, there are names, indicators, trading volume and profit copy can go Zhang said, tomorrow to learn MACD today but too easy I waited for two people to go, also took the table to leave the imposing building a little excited on the way, the three lines but I tested I have to go back to open a real trading to do, simulation is not as exciting as the real trading ah back to school I look for seems to be the largest a forex trading platform, go online and search for an ID card hand upload information, actually passed the excitement is still a little worried, the audit is too not strict does not matter, anyway, I only transfer more than 100 yuan into, pit also not afraid, and the largest platform should not be a problem I use a I used a card not commonly used to transfer money into it, you can do the real trading fill out the replay table, I opened my just under the software, ready to log in this time a phone call from Shanghai came in, said the platform staff, introduced the platform, said what there are two accounts, I did not listen carefully I open the real-time chart, call out the three lines, start the real trading road this is a dead fork, uh, under the short order is not right, before not a swallowed it? This is a live market, can not be so rash, and so on, oops really fell, good regret, missed a single platform staff finally finished talking about hanging up the phone, I can seriously look at the good, this golden fork under the single is not right, 144 day line down, can not be under the single but this time or up, no, next time to be decisive good, this dead fork, under the short single to make money to make money, eh, it seems to pull back! closed out to earn five cents can, at least earned so have been on edge, to sleep before earning a dollar is not easy ah, but still happy to sleep, after all, make money haha next two days off, so sad, the weekend to close, can not do just before bought the wave theory is not interested in reading, this weekend to read it Day3 to Monday, I was the first to come to the company again to pay the table The second one to sit behind me is a buddy who seems to be a soldier, feeling not much older than I. He listened to my previous introduction to study finance, asked me if this was a fraudulent company, asked me if I had Baidu this company I only pay attention to the companys software market fluctuations, and our teacher gave the software is the same, it is judged that it should be regular, but really did not go to Baidu by his reminder, I I just went to Baidu, search out what foreign exchange trader scam is quite a lot, the time is also very close to my heart suddenly cooled half of the morning, Mr. Zhang was talking about yesterdays replay, I did not listen to much in after lunch I have been thinking, is to go or stay considering that before learning the three lines really useful, I hesitate, anyway, and do not pay, stay in school is also staying, as an internship to earn experience, and in case it is not online scam What? That is not a waste of a good opportunity in the afternoon, Mr. Xie said MACD, Mr. Xie said this is also a way to determine the buying and selling point, very important, and 144-day average with a good average to see the trend, MACD golden fork to do more, dead fork to do short, sounds very simple I was curious about how to compare with the three lines, do their own simulation, just not as excited as yesterday, after the teacher sent a replay table, told us to I feel very tired after going back to review with MACD this time, the real plate also did not move on Day4 Tuesday, Mr. Wang speaks blade, before the most anticipated teacher speaks of the highest indicators, but not before the excitement of the original blade is to use the KD indicator, and the stock KDJ indicator is similar, through the overbought and oversold area to determine the buy and sell point although not much interest, I still used to try. I feel that the probability of loss is a bit large, only to adjust the wind ratio may be profitable but this is applied to the short term, how many points can fluctuate in the short term ah, perhaps I will not, leading me to feel that this is a bit of a chicken feed afternoon by Mr. Zhu taught us to draw a variety of auxiliary lines, like trend lines ah, channel lines ah, find support/resistance, send the replay table, the next class Day5 Wednesday, the last day of training, I arrived early at the company, the heart is still a little nervous today will be the results of the morning, Mr. Zhang speaks Berlin line (Bollinger Bands) I previously learned in the securities company internship Bollinger Bands, used in forex trading is also very useful, the upper rail strong pressure, the lower rail support, the middle rail both cases there is also a tightening and release of the rail, the effect of the replay is very good, but the actual plate on the lower rail has been moving, and not good judgment afternoon director to send papers to our exam I suddenly lit hope, there is a written test seems not forex trader scam with the knowledge learned, I answered very well, next to someone else copied my figure poor dagger? After the exam talk, the director said I have performed well in the past few days, homework and test papers are very well done, but also asked me some professional questions, I have answered the director also praised me, I am a little dizzy I passed the companys training, now there is a simple test, take six thousand dollars, to achieve 12% profit can be the director said, you resume a month to achieve twice the profit, it should not be difficult it He showed me a Success to do this trading list, said a trader who just joined the company to do but I am most concerned about the funds who came out of the conclusion is that the assessment period requires me to come out of the company after the company will give me one to two million accounts to do, base salary plus commission heard here I was cold, a little dull director may see me frozen, said the most company to you 1 to 1 financing, but the loss first by your own, more than the company to bear The account is of course the companys account, the company will not run, just take to you too risky my God, 1 to 1 financing also need to 3000 U.S. dollars ah I a college student where to get the money ah I think about it I said in fact is to go the director urged me to decide as soon as possible, or the latter group came to no chance, the number of assessment is limited my mouth promised good otherwise what can say it out of the directors office, I A little muddled is the feeling I saw than I advanced to that buddy, but also a little soul I sat on the chair, did not immediately go, one is to respect the teacher, the second wanted to see if everyone will be called to the fruit not surprisingly, everyone went in to talk after, most of the students are muddled to go, but before the sale of jewelry is a little happy is a scam? I can not say for sure that this is a scam, but there are three points that make me inclined to think that this is a foreign exchange trader recruitment scam first, the assessment period trading account is the company, the principal to the students themselves out of pocket second, they teach all the indicators lag are very serious, but the indicators after the replay change has long been determined, that is, the lag does not exist, so the replay results are very good during the period I have done live The results are not much better, the indicators are in the dynamic, lagging seriously affect the judgment of the buy and sell point third, the director gave me to see that trading list, profit mainly from two explosive earnings of six thousand dollars, and more striking is the high commission, than we do simulation of the commission do not know how much higher I finally gave up this opportunity I do not feel right, the most important thing is that there is no money set up a. The most important thing is that there is no money s a way to recruit foreign exchange trader assessment many foreign exchange companies get third-party platform agency, they need to have traders trading on their platform and generate commission income, then they need a large number of personnel trading on the platform, so they recruit traders to recruit personnel to operate on the platform in order to attract personnel general way for the need to trader for their own funds assessment, the general assessment period of 1-3 months, ranging from 1 to 3 months. The conditions for passing the assessment are how much profit is achieved during the assessment period, such as profit of 10%-20%, etc. When you pass the assessment you will be given large funds to let you manage, but this requires special attention, in fact, the company gives you 80% of the funds are simulated funds 2 become the collection of customer funds (the 2 into the funds come from the following article to speak), when you pass the assessment there are many schemes waiting for you originally trained to raise traders for very good Things then the whole scam links appear in where? In fact, when you go to the training scam began, remember that you are a customer, a variety of formal trading platform to serve you hold you up so that you trade in their platform, however, to this foreign exchange company they cheat you to let you go to the service they treat you as employees under the staff to remember the assessment conditions, right, need you to trade on the platform with their own money, the platform will earn a lot of commissions on the other side of the transaction, the market Always 10 traders 8 loss 1 draw 1 small profit, can pass the assessment of few people, you want to get the company to give you account difficult and difficult, even through their own funds assessment you take the company funds, the company is not afraid to have is the way, first give you a simulated plate for you to operate, you are sure that some time ago you profit this time also profit? Want to continue to stabilize profits on the sky is difficult, that is the stock gods here again to eliminate many people, the company gave the simulation of the disk you company nothing to lose, well, you say you are one in a hundred, simulation of the disk is profitable, do not be too happy behind the set up to come, profitable money company to give you a percentage of it! About 30% of the way to count your monthly profit of 30,000 yuan is 9,000 commission, think beautiful, the company will be a variety of reasons, orders and company regulations to tell you to test the companys risk control, to your capital account security and so on and so forth, the company first give you a portion of the commission, such as to give you 4,000, in addition to the first pressure of the company pressure quality assurance, you are his employees you can only agree (hey, go out) Casual work also has this salary, or no such risk), well we continue, next month trading basically to this time you will have a loss, a loss you are finished, you can directly roll away, a few months down to earn money still not security deposit under the high wages you still do not serve, you say that people in the phoenix millions of people you continue to stable trading profit (difficult difficult difficult difficult) to this take commission, this time the company also know that they stall on the master (really this kind of people will not look for work every day), generally this time the company will be directly to your last month pledge money to you, and then a part of this month to you, and then leave a part of the pledge to the company, in fact, can not give you much money company will find you to talk to tell you that the world does not always every day profitable trader this time you want to rest rest, anyway, all kinds of rhetoric, is to let you Do not do trading take money to invest in other real economy or recuperation how long in addition to these money first in the company, the next year you come to the company to do transactions, is to let you go a long time and then come back, anyway, dragging a variety of ways back to us to discuss the forex trading platform, due to the irregularity of the third-party platform and the state does not recognize the irregularity, he is in the hole to play ball, then it exists a particularly dangerous situation, is like P2P, many recruited traders to put the money on the platform security problems may be the company will roll the money directly run away, that the situation is even worse, there is no place to cry Loop two: the vicarious financial many traders will provide investors with an account of the trading results for their queries, and these records do have very substantial winnings returns and these The results of the real insider is that these traders are usually open two demo accounts to do hedging, the account with good results to provide customers, the poor one discarded this is to provide only good results, the use of this aspect of excellent speculative results to deceive customers, thus deceiving investors to invest money directly to them to help manage their money (the above company to the possibility of 20% of the source of funds for the trader), there are many ways to speak later & nbsp nbsp; set three: the dark box hedge this bureau general company also exists risk, they are generally based on the market norm 10 gambling 9 loss law, recruiting personnel to do the disk and then set up a hedging mechanism in the background simply put is to give a group of traders simulation disk made, when traders in the simulation disk sell under the empty instructions, the background hedging mechanism on the real disk under a reverse buy instructions in the 10 gambling 9 loss mechanism The real party of the trading simulator due to human weaknesses overall data for the loss, then behind the scenes the machine hedges the results of the real plate is profitable However, the risk of this mechanism company is that the simulator breaks the 10 bets 9 losses mechanism into 10 bets 9 wins resulting in the backstage real plate hedging losses Scheme 4: Brush fee general third-party platforms need agents agents their platform to make transactions active, then many People create a company to make money platform agent fees, the company recruits traders to let them intra-day brush single, a single generally give how much money or a day to give you how much money and then brush single according to the provisions, brush single generally have a stop-loss stop and very small on dozens of points of fluctuations, regardless of the profit loss must reach the volatility for on the exit, this general good identification There are many schemes investors must be careful again careful not to fall for
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