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Foreign exchange common terminology foreign exchange position said

foreign forex d forexbonusrebatecount brokers forexrebatesbrokersvestment industry, there are numerous terminology, such as shock position, burst position, hold position, etc., then we often say that the foreign exchange position refers to what? Here, ProHub will introduce you to what is the foreign exchange position foreign exchange position is what it means? Position refers to the proportion of the investors actual investment and actual investment funds Generally speaking, the usual position should be kept at half position, that is, to leave a reserve army, in case of unpredictability of the future is unpredictable, and therefore combined with the known k-line forexdiscountbrokers, the proportion of the position is only an expectation for the future is only many traders in the wrong position direction, or due to the price to "Similarly, when making a profit, when sensing that the trend has turned or after reaching the "set" stop-loss level, they often close all their current positions. Very simple: "one-time" position change must not be the suboptimal solution to position adjustment (optimal is not reachable) since "one-time" position adjustment can not fit the future difficult to figure out the clear trend of the exchange cashback forex, then the position change is worthy of calm reflection Value here just to illustrate some "principle" view in the consideration of stop-loss exchange rate trend, because the exchange rate may break through the stop loss and then reverse the run, then you can close part of the position, the proportion can choose the appropriate value, but must be large enough to reflect a certain future expectations of the exchange rate to continue to move against the position, will gradually usher in the final Stop loss or based on expectations to move down the position price of the exchange rate from the stop-loss level back to stable, you can continue to part of the position out, the remaining parts of the appropriate move down the stop loss, while the direction of change in the exchange rate towards profit, the position can be reduced or even profit out of the position changes must reflect the traders expectations for the future trend, and expectations of the current is always an event probability of occurrence position adjustment can be largely alleviated Personal experience or technical analysis for the future trend of the arbitrary degree, the ultimate effect is that the change in position and the change in the exchange rate "resonance" because in addition to the margin ratio and trend quotes, position change itself is also a flexible "leverage" The above is a brief introduction to foreign exchange position, get more content about foreign exchange knowledge, please continue to pay attention to ProHub
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