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Foreign currency payment voucher

What is a f forexdiscountbrokersexrebatesbrokers forexbonusrebate forex discount brokers voucher At present, the basic forms of foreign cashback forex are mainly foreign currency payment vouchers, foreign currency securities, foreign currency deposits, foreign currency notes and other foreign exchange funds Foreign currency payment voucher refers to a certain format and a certain amount expressed in foreign currency, at the time of seeing the bill or the specified maturity date, at the specified place, by the invoicer or entrusted others as the payer, to pay the payee or bearer unconditionally The foreign currency payment certificate must have three elements: 1. a real debt basis 2. the currency indicated on the face of the bill must be convertible 3. a countrys foreign exchange assets, which can be used to repay international bonds Types of foreign currency payment certificates The main foreign currency payment certificates commonly used internationally are: bills of exchange, promissory notes, checks, credit cards and other payment instruments 1. Bill of exchange (BillofExchangeorDraft), issued by the invoicer, requires the payer to unconditionally pay a certain amount of money to the specified person or holder in accordance with the agreed payment period, usually issued by creditors, such as exporters, credit banks, etc. 2, promissory note (PromissoryNote), issued by the invoicer to the payee or holder 3, check (OhequeorCheck), is issued by the invoicer to the payee of a written order entrusted to the bank to unconditionally pay a certain amount after seeing the ticket From this definition can be seen that the check is more similar to the aforementioned bill of exchange, are required to pay the payer and issued a written order, but these two However, there are still some differences between these two kinds of instruments: firstly, the invoicer is different, the invoicer of the bill of exchange is the creditor, while the cheque is generally the debtor; secondly, the cheque must be made payable to the bank, while the payer of the bill of exchange can be the bank or other parties. Payment instrument function, but also has the role of credit instruments: for example, the seller issued a 180-day payment of the bill of exchange, it is equivalent to give the other party six months of short-term financing 4, credit card (CreditCard), is a credit institution to have a certain degree of credit provided by the customer to give credit to the card currently more popular international credit cards such as Bank of America card, MasterCard and Express card, etc. The above payment voucher. A payment certificate issued by a bank can be considered as an absolute guarantee of payment, because if a payment certificate issued by a bank is returned without a valid reason, the bank has lost its credit as a medium for moving international funds and thus cannot maintain its position in the country and internationally. Payment vouchers issued by persons other than banks are not an absolute guarantee of payment: they may sometimes be rejected, as in the case of "bad checks" issued by private individuals
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