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Establish a good forex trading system

   1, the operat forex d cashback forexcount brokersg forexbonusrebate to achieve the goal: to improve the timing of entry forexrebatesbrokers exit; stay in the position to make money for as long as possible; exit the position to lose money as soon as possible 2, a good long-term system for tracking trends is the most attractive place: the position is usually established in the trend to start the starting point, rather than the direction of the trend to establish 3, a good system forexdiscountbrokers allow you to continue in the market in your favor. A good system, will allow you to continue in the market in your favor, keep the original position does not move a once unfavorable, and will use the stop-loss way to let you out, if the trend reverses, he will also call you reverse operation 4, adjust the market stop-loss point, in the market is still in your favor, keep the position does not move but! Can be at just the right moment, through the stop-loss point to pull you back out of the market, if possible, but also reverse operation 5, the stop-loss point may be set too close, as long as a small technical back gear will be washed out or too far away, when the trend reverses, spit back most of the book profit 6, successful trading system in the design of the time, the most difficult place may be to find a way to solve the stop-loss point to how to adjust to just the right place 7, the price in a wide range of sideways finishing, this situation is more common than the intense established trend according to the system trading people will always buy on the rally, back to sell the loss of this washout, is an inevitable part of the operation of the trend, the trader must have patience, waiting for the arrival of large fluctuations 8, the system has been letting you in and out constantly, and the occurrence of losses, you sure need to have a lot of patience and willing to Compliance discipline, in order to follow the system said to do but our experience shows that once you firmly adopt a set of feasible homeopathic operation method, comply with the results, will be much better than you repeatedly doubt its ability to constantly find ways to improve it 9, moving averages: the closing price across the moving average, you can enter the operation; double cross method 10, these basic strategies can certainly enable you to early commitment to the Trend, but you are also sure to be subject to many premature fluctuations, and because of the back and forth and the loss of loss out of the field but, if the fluctuations continue for a considerable period of time, you will taste the sweet 11, a trader should use what attitude to face the operating system, in order to use it to get the most benefit? He must have confidence in his own system, and not always according to personal emotions, prejudice or wishful thinking, want to surpass, hindsight or improve it 12, must have the patience to wait for the operation signal outside the field, once a position is opened, to have the same patience to hold still until the reversal signal appears 13, must adhere to the discipline, according to the system refers to the signal operation strategy to operate 14, even if that is a successful system, you still have to make sure that it matches your operating methods and objectives before
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